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Doc McStuffins A Cuckoo Case


The Pet Rescue Team must journey inside McStuffinsville's clock tower in order to find Mayor Billington's missing pet cuckoo bird, Casey!



Mayor Billington: Pet Rescue Team, my pet cuckoo bird, Casey, is m-m-m-missing! Every hour he c-c-comes out of that little door to let McStuffinsville know what time it is. But he didn't come out on the last hour, and now it's almost lunchtime! Everyone in town is w-w-w-w-waiting for him to announce it!
Doc: We'll find him! Come on, team!
Lambie: It's just like a-- mm! Balance beam! Unh! Aaah! How are we gonna get across?
Stuffy: Yeah, those levers are moving up and down and up and down.
Doc: Well, since this is a giant clock, everything in it moves like clockwork. There's a rhythm to it! Unh! We can just time our jumps!
Hallie: Ah! The sweet sound of success!
Chilly: Success has a sound? Doc! Something must be wrong with my ears! All I hear is a cuckoo!


  • Toys that debut in this short: Mayor Billington's pet cuckoo bird, Casey.