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A Day Without Cuddles! is the first segment of the fifty-eighth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on February 13, 2015


Lambie's favorite holiday - International Cuddle Day - is almost ruined when she spills baking flour on herself and Doc diagnoses her with "flour-tosis," a condition that won't allow her to cuddle with anyone until she goes through the wash.


The day begins with Lambie doing sit-ups (or as she calls them "cuddle-ups") while Doc is getting dressed and Lambie is excited as it is "International" Cuddle Day. Then Doc, Donny and Lambie go into the kitchen and Donny helps Mr. McStuffins make the breakfast hotcakes (or "cuddle cakes") Doc's favorite. Donny accidentally spills flour on Lambie.

After breakfast, Lambie sets up her "cuddle booth", Wicked King cuts in line disguised as a little girl and Chilly thinks it is International Puddle Day. Lambie is about to cuddle Stuffy but starts sneezing flour and Doc gives her a check up and diagnoses him with "flour-tosis" aka being covered in flour and says that until Dad gets home and washes Lambie she can't cuddle lest the others get flour tosis too.

Lambie decides that cancelling Cuddle Day is not an option so she hands duty over to Stuffy who is much too rowdy. Then they sing "What's Going on?" and Doc tells them about Lambie's flour tosis and Bronty cuddles Lambie causing him to get covered in flour but Doc dusts him off. Lambie sings I Can't Cuddle. When Mr. McStuffins comes home and washes Lambie, Doc says it is still Cuddle Day and Lambie cuddles them all.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: (to Lambie) Like the streamers? I put 'em up myself. But I think I'm missing one.
Chilly: Oh, I'm being chased by a snake. A long paper snake.
Hallie: Found it.

Stuffy: Okay, something's going on with Lambie and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Uh... with everyone's help, please. Lambie, its international cuddle day, and you haven't given one cuddle all day.

Lambie: (after Stuffy, Chilly and Sir Kirby sing "Hey What's Going On) I have Flour-tosis!
Stuffy: I knew it! I have no idea what that is.
Doc: It means Lambie is covered in flour, and she can't give any cuddles.
Chilly: So you're telling us, no cuddles on cuddle day?
Lambie: I'm afraid not.