Doc McStuffins Wiki

Chilly: Oh. My stuffing is so light and fluffy. I hope I don't blow away.

Frida: I hope I do. Today is flutterly fabulous for flying. Of course, it's because of my magic.

Doc: Uh, Frida, you don't really have--

Frida: Watch. I will magically make myself fly away. Flying flowers and wind through the trees. Lift me up and away with the breeze. Bree...wee-wee-wee. Maybe all of my magical fairy dust flew away in the wind.

Chilly: Well, if it landed on me, then I'll fly away, right? Got to get grounded.

Doc: Chilly, you won't fly away. And, Frida, you don't really have fairy magic, remember?

Doc: Stuffy, run when I run, and when I give you the signal, let go.

Stuffy: Got it. Wait, what's the signal? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Are you gonna do a dance? Or wink five times? Or what?

Doc: I'll say "let go". Got it?

Hallie: Hoppin' hippos, I hope he's got it.

Chilly: Whoa! I am glad snowmen don't fly. They don't, right?

Doc: You're not going anywhere holding on to my leg, Chilly.

Chilly: Oh, good.

Frida: You can't see me. I'm using my fairy magic to make myself invisible.

Chilly: If she's invisible, then I'm seein' things.

Lambie: Chilly, her magic doesn't work, remember?

Chilly and Frida: Oh, yeah.