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"A Good Case of the Hiccups" is the first segment of the eighth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 2, 2012.


Doc tries to fix Millie the Microphone when she can't stop repeating words.


Doc and Emmie are playing with Emmie's toy karaoke CD player, Millie the Microphone, in Doc's bedroom. Doc and Emmie dress up in sunglasses and heels and pretend to be famous stars called the Star-tastic Sisters. As they sing for Stuffy and Lambie, suddenly Millie's music starts skipping the notes and Millie keeps repeating the same words over and over. As Emmie goes home for a piano lesson, Dr. McStuffins hopes to see her and Doc perform later. After Emmie leaves, Doc brings the toys to life, where Millie finds out that her voice keeps repeating, and is disappointed to know that she broke during a performance, but Doc promises to help her. Doc goes to the clinic to fix Millie.

At the clinic, Doc explains Millie's case to Hallie, and the two begin to examine her. Doc diagnoses Millie with a case of "Repeatitis", meaning that Millie keeps repeating herself whenever she speaks. Doc compares it to when she had the hiccups, and she and the toys begin trying to see if curing "Repeatitis" works like curing hiccups. They try scaring her, saying "pineapple" as they hop in a circle, and tickling her, but nothing seems to work. Millie is discouraged, and Doc decides to look closer. When Stuffy volunteers to grab Doc's magnifying glass, he accidentally taps Millie's eject button, and Doc notices that Millie has a CD inside her. She realizes that Millie's "Repeatitis" must be an issue with her CD, and upon closer inspection, sees that it is dirty. Once Doc cleans it off, Millie's "Repeatitis" is gone!

Just in time for Doc's performance, Emmie checks in with Doc. She's glad to hear that Millie is working again, and is excited to perform with Doc. Together, Doc and Emmie perform for Dr. McStuffins, to a round of applause.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Lambie: (Singing with Millie's mic) I'm a la-a-amb with fee-ee-eelings. Wha-ha-ho-ho, fee-ee-eelings. Wha oo oo oo. (Doc claps) Thank you! Thank you very much! I'll be here all week.
Stuffy: Encore! Encore!
Doc: Mom, I'm going out to the clinic. I have a patient to take care of.
Dr. McStuffins: Ooh. Anything I can help with?
Doc: Uhhh... I don't think so. Toys are my specialty.
Dr. McStuffins: They sure are. Let me know if you need a consultation.
Doc: OK. Thanks, Mom. I will!
Lambie: The what-ups?
Doc: The hiccups. They sound like this. Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup.
Stuffy and Lambie: [Laughing]
Stuffy: [Hic, hic]
Lambie: [Hiccup] That's fun.
Chilly: (After Stuffy breaths on him) Now you've done it! You've melted me with your fiery dragon breath! Ohh-hoo-hoo! I'm done for!
Doc: Chilly, you can't melt and Stuffy can't breathe fire because you're toys, remember?


  • Diagnosis: Repeatitis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Millie the Microphone
  • Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb guest stars in this episode. 
  • The "I Feel Better" song was played on Millie's CD Player.
  • Emmie is revealed to take piano lessons.
  • Lambie states that she always wants to be a singer.
  • Millie the Microphone is named after Millie Helper from The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • This episode along with "Stuck Up" is the 9th Season 1 episode in production order.