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"A Very McStuffins Christmastime" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 2 episode "A Very McStuffins Christmas". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Chilly, Commander Crush and Tobias.


"A Very McStuffins Christmas" Song Doc McStuffins Disney Junior UK


<poem> Doc: We're all here together in the chilly, frosty weather It's our favorite holiday

Stuffy: Snow is falling steady and Santa's at the ready With presents spilling out of his sleigh

Tobias: We'll help you hang your ornaments

Commander Crush: With great space-tastic cheer

Lambie: We're cuddled up tight on this magical flight

All: Hooray! The gang's all here

Doc: Have a healthy, happy wonderful Christmas

Lambie: A huggleble, snuggleble, loveable Christmas

Chilly: I hope you get everything on your wish list

All: Come along you won't wanna miss this The happiest, merry McStuffins Christmas time