Full name



Emmie (older sister)
Unnamed mother


Rudi (dog)


Doc McStuffins, Donny McStuffins


Her friends, playing with her sister, Moo-Moo, Xyla, Ben and Anna, Pickles the Bunny


Moo-Moo being wet, her toys being broken


Caitlin Carmichael

Alma is the cute and pretty little sister of Doc's best friend, Emmie.



Alma is sweet, cute and friendly, with a very nice smile. But when her toys don't work, Alma can get a little upset or worried about it. In the episode "Blame it on the Rain", when Alma accidentally leaves her stuffed cow, Moo-Moo, out in the rain, she feels upset about it and starts to cry. Doc and Moo-Moo later see Alma crying on the picnic table seat, telling her other toys, her fairy, and frog, about the memories she has had with Moo-Moo before leaving her out in the rain. She is happy again when Doc brings Moo-Moo, who is all dry again, to her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alma is small and slender with short red hair, green eyes and fair skin with freckles. She wears a blue jean dress with light blue polka dots on it, a light blue T-shirt and grape-purple Mary Janes. Her pajamas are red with a picture of an owl on the top and the bottom half has light red polka dots.

In "Hallie Halloween" she wore a bee costume. Alma wears a sparkly pink outfit and tutu when she goes to her ballet lessons. She also wears pink ballet slippers. Her school uniform, first seen in "Willow's Wonky Whiskers", consists of a light pink top with a purple bow and a purple skirt that has a plaid pattern.


  • "Wow! Doc, wanna be in our band?"
  • "Doc, when you fix it, I'll write you your very own song!"
  • "Sure. He loves that."
  • "I did it! I filled Bubble Monkey all by myself."
  • "We're having a yard sale. We're getting rid of a bunch of old stuff we don't need anymore."
  • "Gotta go. Bye, Doc. Oh, you can look at what we're selling. If you see anything you want, you can totally have it."
  • "It is so cute! I love her green nose!"
  • "Doc, I don't wanna take any chances with Pickles. Will you put her in my room so she's safe."
  • "Doc, will you fix my kite? Please, please, please?"
  • "Then Pickles wants to stay with you tonight. She's really good at snuggling."


  • Alma once had a bad fever and she had Moo-Moo with her the whole time. Alma also took Moo Moo with her on her first day of school. ("Blame it on the Rain")
  • Alma has cried twice in the series. The first time was in Blame it on the Rain. The second time was in "Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!".
  • Her dad was never seen in an episode, ever. Her parents might be divorced.
  • Alma made a surprise return in "Willow's Wonky Whiskers", with a different outfit.


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