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Anna is one of a pair of monkeys with her brother Ben. They are called the Huggy Monkeys.



Ben and Anna are very playful monkeys who love to hug, dance, and sing. Due to being such close siblings, they don't like to be apart from each other. As shown during their debut episode "Ben/Anna Split!", it really seemed to make the both of them sad to be away from each other for the night.

Physical Appearance[]

Anna is a monkey with chocolate brown fur and a pale tan face and tummy. She has dark eyebrows and a big smile, along with a few freckles. She has sticky small pads on each hand, allowing Ben and Anna to stick to one-another and hug. Her arms, legs, and tail are pretty long.

Anna has a small yellow bow on her head and wears a yellow skirt. She also wears red lipstick and pale blush.


  • "No, Ben. Without you, I'll never hug again. We were made to go together. See? It says so right here."
  • "Just a second, Doc. You took such good care of us, Ben and I want to give you all the huggy monkey thank you."


  • Ben and Anna's name combined is based on the word "Banana", which is a favorite snack of monkeys.
  • Ben and Anna once hugged for fourteen days straight.
  • After this episode, Anna wouldn't speak again until the season 4 episode "First Responders to the Rescue".
  • Her voice actress, Meghan Strange, also voices characters such as Ruby in The Land Before Time, Robin in Sofia the First, Harley Quinn in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Penny in the English dub of Stitch!, Paw Pilot in Special Agent Oso, and Heidi in Heidi 4 Paws.