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"Arcade Escapade" the first segment of the sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 29, 2012.


Doc helps a stuffed toy Giraffe named Gabby, after her leg was torn in an accident in the claw crane machine at the arcade.


Mr. McStuffins takes Doc and Donny to a place called Archie's Arcade, an arcade place for fun and games. Once there, Donny wants to play a game of tossball, while Doc wants to play a racecar game. Mr. McStuffins allows the two to split up, with him going with Donny. Mr.McStuffins gives Doc some tokens needed to play the games. When Doc activates her magic stethoscope, her toys aren't the only toys that are brought to life, as it also brings the toys in a claw game to life.

As Doc, Stuffy and Lambie are playing the games they hear someone calling Doc's name, and soon find out it's the pink teddy bear in the claw machine. He asks for her help as Gabby, a toy giraffe, explains that she has a ripped leg. A little girl once tried to win her from the claw machine, but the claw dropped Gabby, and she ripped. Ever since it happened, no one ever tries to get her because she is broken, which makes Gabby heartbroken. Doc tries to win her out of the game, but is having a hard time doing so. Stuffy volunteers to go and try to get her out, but he falls in himself! Now, Doc only has one token left to try and save them. She tells Stuffy that she'll get the claw close to him, and he has to hold on to both that and Gabby at the same time. She ends up getting both of them out and finally starts to fix Gabby.

Doc diagnoses Gabby with "Stuffanemia," meaning she's got a pretty big rip, and has lost some stuffing. Luckily, Doc assures Gabby that she can fix her, and with Lambie and Stuffy's help, Doc is able to close Gabby's rip and fix her up! Gabby feels all better, and and can walk again! She is excited for someone to take her home, when Doc asks Gabby if she wants to come home with her! Gabby is delighted to, and her friends in the tank tell her that although they'll miss her, they won't be stuck in the tank forever. Gabby says goodbye to her old friends, and as Doc leaves, a girl wins the teddy bear, who winks goodbye to Doc and Gabby.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Doc: There's no other way out of there. Gabby, I'm gonna have to play for you.
Pink Teddy: But, Doc, this game is really hard. Really, really hard. What if you can't grab Gabby?
Doc: Doctors don't ever give up on their patients. Besides, I'm pretty good at games.
Doc: (To Gabby) I'm not giving up on you, Gabby. I wish I could just reach in there and pull you out, but I can't.
Stuffy: You can't...but I can.
Doc: Stuffy, are you sure you want to do this? It might not be easy, and if you get stuck in there, well... I'm not sure I can get you out.
Stuffy: You help toys all the time, Doc. Now it's my turn to help you.


  • Diagnosis: Stuffanemia
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Gabby, Arcade bear (that looks like Teddy B.) and Bronty (or at least a look-a-like toy that is the same kind as Bronty).
  • This is the fifth episode Chilly is absent from and the first episode Hallie is absent from.