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Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue Title

Arctic Rescue shorts are a completion of shorts based on the season 5 episode "Arctic Exposure". The shorts can be viewed online.

Shorts Original Air Date
I Am Yeti, Hear Me Roar December 1, 2019
Chip Off the Ol' Block December 2, 2019
Flip of the Iceberg December 3, 2019
Sled Ahead December 4, 2019
Tusk Trouble December 5, 2019
Aurora Bear-ealis December 6, 2019
Snowboard Girl December 9, 2019
Polar Night December 10, 2019
Tangled Tevin December 11, 2019
On Thin Ice December 13, 2019

I Am Yeti, Hear Me Roar[]

Chip Off the Ol' Block[]

Flip of the Iceberg[]

Sled Ahead[]

Tusk Trouble[]

Aurora Bear-ealis[]

Snowboard Girl[]

Polar Night[]

Tangled Tevin[]

On Thin Ice[]