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Aurora is a telescope belonging to Henry, who speaks in 60's hippie lingo and walks on her tripod. She loves exploring the world and galaxies. The night Aurora came out of the box, her vision was strangely blurred, and Doc led a search of Henry's yard to find Aurora's missing eyepiece. 


Physical Appearance[]

Aurora is a mauve-colored telescope with 3 metal legs and pictures of moon and stars all over her body.


  • "Far out! I'm Aurora. Wow! Totally cool place you got here. It's got a really groovy vibe."
  • "Tonight's the big meteor shower. It's gonna be totally cosmic."
  • (to Lambie) "Look at the groovy little doggy. Oh, poochie!"
  • "This is deep, really deep. And the moon and the stars. Totally cosmic!"
  • "I never knew how beautiful everything was until you helped me see clearly. Thank you, Doc. Thanks to all of you. You're all really groovy."


Blurry, Blurry Night