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Awesome Guy is an action figure who says everything is "awesome!" and saves toys.


Physical Appearance[]

Awesome Guy is a peach-skinned superhero with brown hair in a coif hairstyle. He wears orange superhero tights, a teal undershirt, a red cape, boots and gloves, a yellow circle with a star on his chest and dark blue underwear.


  • "It's a doll, it's an action hero! It's Awesome Guy! That's me!"
  • "Awesome Guy to the rescue! Just let go little lamb."
  • "Lambie has been saved, by Awesome Guy! That's me. Ha ha."
  • "I'm awesome."
  • "Superheroes do the saving, not the other way around."
  • "I have an awesome pain in my legs."
  • "I guess I always thought I was supposed to help everyone else. Not the other way around."
  • "I couldn't be Awesome Guy without my awesome arm."
  • "Never fear, good toys, Awesome Guy is here!"
  • "It sure is great to have some awesome friends to help me feel awesome again!"