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"Baby Names" is the first segment of the eighty-ninth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 1, 2016.


The McStuffins family comes up the name for the baby.





For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Donny: (About the new baby) We should call her Apple Pie. (Everyone laughing)
Doc: I know we can't call her Apple Pie, but what is her name?
Dr. McStuffins: We haven't figured that out yet.
Mr. McStuffins: Her birth mother did tell us she loved the name Alanna. That was her grandmother's name. We thought we could use that as a middle name.
Dr. McStuffins: We haven't picked out a first name yet. But don't worry. We didn't have names for you kids when we brought you home from the hospital either.
Mr. McStuffins: When the right name came to us, we just knew that was it.

Doc: Hey, everyone. For those of you who haven't met her already, this is Lala.
Lala: Hi, everybody.
Doc: Please make her feel welcome in the nursery. I picked her out special to give to my new baby sister.
Lambie: Time for a new-toy group cuddle. (Everyone gives Lala a cuddle)
Lala: Lala likes it.
Doc: Now I have a big announcement.
Chilly: Well, I love announcements. Oh, unless they're scary announcements. Let me know if it's gonna be scary so I can cover my ears, okay?
Doc: It's good, not scary. But I want you all to promise to remain calm.
Stuffy: No problem, Doc. If there's one thing dragons do best, it's that we know how to stay calm.
Lambie: Unless there's a spider around.
Stuffy: Spider! Where's the spider? Bad spider!
Doc: There's no spider around.
Hallie: So what's the announcement, Doc? These hippo ears wanna hear.
Doc: Okay. Don't go crazy, but if you look over there in the crib, the baby's here. (All the toys get excited and run over to the crib to see the new baby)

Lambie: Doc, what's the baby's name?
Doc: She doesn't have a name yet.
Lala: (Gasp) But if baby doesn't have a name, what am I gonna call her?
Doc: Don't worry. She'll have a name soon. We'll know her name when we find it.

Lala: (After being taken to the clinic) I have a feeling we're not in the nursery anymore.
Hallie: You're in Doc McStuffins' clinic for stuffed animals and toys.
Lala: Oh, no. Did I get thrown out of the baby's room 'cause baby doesn't like Lala?
Doc: No, Lala. We brought you here to give you a checkup.
Lala: A checkup? That sounds scary.
Chilly: Checkups, scary? Oh, no. I am scared of most things, but checkups are the most wonderful things in the world.
Lambie: They're how Doc finds out if you're healthy.
Lala: You won't hurt Lala?
Hallie: Sugar, Doc's as gentle as a Jersey June bug.
Doc: My little baby sister had to get a checkup, too, before she came home from the hospital.
Lala: Baby got a checkup? Then it must be good. Lala wants a checkup, too.

Doc: You seem to be as healthy as new toy can be. Except you tore a rip in your shoulder when you fell.
Lala: Oh, no! Now baby won't like Lala.
Stuffy: Doc has fixed up rips a bazillion times worse than that.
Doc: That's right, Lala. And if you just hold still a moment, I'll get your rip all stitched up.
Lambie: Oh, it'll be okay. Just hold my hand, and look at me.
Hallie: Look at all of us. We're your family now.
Stuffy: We love you!

Professor Hootsburgh: The new baby needs all your love.
Lala: Oh, I will love her so much. I know she's too little now, but I can't wait until she says my name.
Lambie: That's right, Lala. Because not only are you her baby toy, but she's also your little girl.
Doc: Just like Lambie belongs to me, and I belong to Lambie.

Doc: Has anyone thought of a name for the baby yet?
Dr. McStuffins: Not yet, Doc. We've been too busy.
Donny: And they still don't like Spooky Baby Alien Eyes.
Doc: Well, what do you think of the name Maya?
Mr. McStuffins: Hmm. Maya McStuffins.
Dr. McStuffins: Maya Alanna McStuffins.
Everyone: That's it!

Doc: Did you hear that, Lala? The baby's name is Maya Alanna McStuffins.
Hallie: I know kids give their toys names all the time.
Doc: But I've never heard of a toy naming their kid before.
Lala: Oh. So I'm a good baby toy?
Doc: You're a great baby lovie toy, Lala.


  • Though Doc's family think that Maya's new name comes from Doc herself, it was actually Lala who named Maya.