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Doc McStuffins Baby Title

Baby shorts are a completion of shorts based on the season 5 episode "Adventures in Babyland". The shorts can be viewed online.

Shorts Original Air Date
Three's Company July 1, 2019
Tiny Tumbler July 2, 2019
Peek-A-Boo July 3, 2019
Fussy Franny July 4, 2019
Hide and Seek July 5, 2019
Snuggle Sylvie November 17, 2019
Stuffy's Little Dragon November 18, 2019
Bumper Car Betsy November 19, 2019
Lambie's Baaad Day November 20, 2019
Scribble Scramble November 21, 2019

Three's Company[]

Tiny Tumbler[]


Fussy Franny[]

Hide and Seek[]

Snuggle Sylvie[]

Stuffy's Little Dragon[]

Bumper Car Betsy[]

Lambie's Baaad Day[]

Scribble Scramble[]