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Bella's Bath


While trying to teach Doc and the toys some ballet moves, Doc discovers that Bella the Ballerina is covered in sticky goo and can't move.


In this short, Bella the Ballerina can't move her arms, legs or body as Doc sees that Bella has a severe case of Filthy, Icky Disease as Doc remembers that Sir Kirby had this problem before as Doc gives Bella a bath as she gets cleaned up as she continues to dance again for Lambie.



  • This "Doc Files" Short is based on the episodes "Knight Time", "Break Dancer", and "Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!".
  • Bella had Filthy-Icky-Sticky Disease like Sir Kirby did in "Knight Time". Doc and the toys also sang "Ba-Ba Bubbles" when they were giving Bella a bath.
  • Hallie only spoke during the song in the episode.