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Theme song
Doc: Huggy monkeys, you'll never tag me!
Donny and Alma: Oh, yes, we will!
Donny: Only one of the huggy monkeys has to tag her, So let's split up.
Alma: OK, I'll go left, you go right.
Donny and Alma: [Laughter]
Donny: Oh, no! Hmm.
Alma: Monkey tag! Donny! Donny, we got her!
Doc: You totally did.
Donny: Time out. Time out. I ripped Ben. I'm sorry, Alma.
Alma: Well, it doesn't look too bad. As long as they can still hug, right? [Gasps] Oh, no. What good are huggy monkeys if they can't hug?
Doc: Alma, I'm pretty good at fixing toys. Why don't I take a look at Ben in the clinic?
Alma: Thanks, Doc. Wait! Ben wouldn't want to be without Anna, so take both of them, OK?
Doc: Good thinking, Alma. The doc is in.
[Stethoscope goes off]
[Toys giggling]
Doc: Hi, everyone.
Toys: Hiya.
Hallie: And who do we have here?
Ben: I'm Ben.
Ana: And I'm Anna. Together, we're...
Ben and Anna: The huggy monkeys! [Both chattering]
Anna: Ben? A little huggier, please.
Ben: Um, that's as huggy as I can get.
Doc: Ben, your paw is ripped, so you can't hug the way you usually do.
Anna: But Ben's my hugging partner.
Stuffy: Happy to step in while Ben's injured. Whoa, aah! Unh. [Sighs] Doc, you'd better fix Ben.
Ben: Can you help, Doc? I mean, hugging is what we live for. We're world-famous for our hugging skills.
Lambie: Oh, is it true you once hugged for 14 days straight?
Ben: Sure did. Couldn't have done it with anyone but my little Anna-banana here. But now I guess our hugging days are over.
Doc: Not if I can help it. Come on, let's get you in for a checkup.
Doc: Can I see your paw, Ben?
Chilly: I knew hugging was dangerous.
Doc: Chilly, hugging's not dangerous.
Chilly: Ooh, good, 'cause I think I need a hug right about now. [Anna gives him a hug]
Anna: Ohh.
Chilly: Ooh, nice one.
Anna: It was, but I miss Ben.
Doc: I have a diagnosis. Ben, your huggy patch is ripped. You have Huggy-Patch-otis.
Hallie: Let's record this in the big book of boo-boos!
Doc: Great idea.
Ben: I don't know what I'll do if I can't hug Anna anymore.
Doc: Don't worry. You're gonna hug her again, I promise. I'm gonna paste your paw patch back on. The paste might be a little cold, but it won't hurt at all.
Ben: Ooh ooh ooh-ooh. That tickles.
Doc: There. Your patch is back on.
Ben: Oo-oo-oo-ooh. I can't wait to try it out.
Doc: Hang on, Ben. That paste isn't...
Anna: [Gasps] Oh.
Doc: Dry yet.
Ben: My huggy patch.
Anna: Oh, Ben.
Ben: Anna, I love hugging you, but I think you'd better find a new huggy partner.
Anna: No, Ben. Without you, I'll never hug again. We were made to go together. See? It says so right here.
Doc: I'm not going to let anything stop the hugs. Ben, I'm going to paste this patch on again... Wrap it up... And then I think we should check you into the clinic for the night.
Ben: Ooh, great. Wait, did you say I had to stay here?
Anna: Overnight?
Doc: I know it seems scary, but sometimes it's good to be near your doctors and nurses in case you need help. I had a bad fever once, and I had to stay in the hospital overnight.
Ben: You did? Were you scared?
Doc: A little at first, but they took really good care of me. I was home before I knew it.
Ben: Well, if you think I should, Doc, I guess I'll stay.
Hallie: Oh, what a brave little patient. I'll check you in for the night.
Ben: What's that? Hey, it's me.
Hallie: It sure is, sugar. You wear a wristband when you're staying overnight in the hospital. It has all your information on it. See? "Ben Monkey. Needs frequent hugs."
Ben: Thanks, Hallie. I love it.
Hallie: Good. Now, let's make up a comfy bed for our little monkey.
Stuffy: Whoops!
Hallie: Mnh-mnh-mnh, that won't do. This bed is lumpier then a lima bean lollipop.
Stuffy: Medic!
Doc: Just keep your arm up. It'll heal better.
Ben: But my arm's getting tired.
Doc: I bet. Hallie, we're gonna need to help Ben hold up his arm.
Hallie: Way ahead of you, Doc.
Ben: Ooh-ooh-ooh! That feels much better.
Doc: Great. You're all set. I'll stay till you get settled, and then I'll check in on you later. Any questions?
Anna: Um, Doc, I have a question. Where do I stay?
Doc: I'm sorry, Anna. You can't stay with Ben. He needs his rest, so visiting hours will be over soon. Tell you what. You can come sleep with me in my room.
Anna: But I don't want to leave my brother alone.
Doc: He won't be alone. Hallie will stay with him all night.
Ben: Don't worry, Anna. I'm gonna be OK. We'll both be brave.
♪ Your name's Ben and my name's Anna ♪
[Ben and Anna]
♪ Together we're "Ben-Anna" and we're never apart ♪
♪ You're my best friend ♪
♪ And I'm your biggest fan-a ♪
♪ I've got a hundred hugs for you ♪
♪ But only two arms ♪
♪ Together we're two, and a me without you ♪
♪ Is like a zebra without any stripes ♪
♪ But try to be brave even though I'll be away ♪
♪ I'll be thinking of you tonight ♪
♪ 'Cause my name's Ben ♪
♪ Ooh, and my name's Anna ♪
[Ben and Anna]
♪ Together we're "Ben-Anna" and we're never apart ♪
♪ Together we're "Ben-Anna" ♪
♪ And you're here in my heart ♪
Doc: Time for you two to say good night
Anna: Ben, I have to go now.
Ben: Night, sis.
Anna: Sleep tight, ya big banana.
Doc: OK, Ben, I'm gonna stay till you fall asleep, which shouldn't be long now. You've had a long day.
Hallie: Ready for that story now, honey?
Ben: [Yawns] I sure am.
Hallie: "Once upon a time..."
Ben: Oo-oo aa-aah. Ben-Anna.
Hallie: Poor little fella.
Doc: I'll come back later to check on him. You take Walter and I'll take Gracie. I'm on call all night if you need anything. Take good care of our patient, Hallie.
Hallie: You can bet on it. Good night, guys.
Stuffy: Night.
Lambie: Good night, Hallie. Take good care of him. [The lights go off and Hallie shakes her head, and turns on a nightlight.]
Doc: (Inside her bedroom Anna is lonely and sad as she is waiting for the call.) Don't worry, Anna. If Hallie hasn't called, Ben's fine.
Anna: I know. It's just... I miss him. We've never been apart before.
Doc: Time for my rounds.
Stuffy: Mine too. A-round and around and around and around. [Pants] Boy, rounds are tiring.
Doc: No, Stuffy. "It's time for my rounds" means it's time for me to go check in on Ben. (Anna happily gasps.)
Stuffy: Oh. I knew that. [Sighs]
Dr. McStuffins: It's almost bedtime, Doc.
Doc: I know, but I've got a patient staying in the clinic overnight. Can I go check on him?
Dr. McStuffins: [Laughs] Sure. Doctors hours are long, but it's worth it to help people feel better. I'll turn on the light and watch you from here.
Doc: Thanks. Be right back in.
Doc: He's doing great.
Hallie: Who wouldn't be with the best doctor in the whole wide world?
Doc: And a pretty fantastic nurse, too.
Dr. McStuffins: Waffles, Doc. Come and get 'em.
Doc: Sounds great, mom. I just have to check on my patient in the clinic.
Anna: Psst, Doc. Can I pick Ben some flowers?
Doc: Of course.
Anna: Ben? Oh, I can't wait to see him.
Ben: Oo-ooh. Morning, sis.
Anna: Oo-ooh oo-ooh [Laughs] Oh.
Hallie: Oh, my.
Anna: Doc, you sure Ben's paw is better?
Doc: Let's take a look. That hug patch is dry, Ben. You're cleared to hug again.
Anna: Hugs!
Ben: Hugs.
Ben and Anna: Ooh-ooh oo-ooh.
Stuffy: Yay!
♪ I feel better ♪
♪ So much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for takin' all my ouches away ♪
♪ He didn't feel so good till you fixed him ♪
♪ Like you said that you would ♪
[Ben and Anna]
♪ And we feel better, so much better now ♪
Doc: I'd better get you back to Alma. She'll be so glad to see you hugging again.
Anna: Just a second, Doc. You took such good care of us, Ben and I want to give you all the huggy monkey thank you.
Ben and Anna: It's monkey time!
[All laughing]
Doc: Ben-Anna!