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Billions of Bunnies 001


When a water tower falls over in a grassy meadow, it threatens a group of toy bunnies and the Pet Rescue Team must find new homes for the toys!



Lambie: Aw! Look at that bunny! So cutity-cute!
Doc: We have to rescue him before his warren fills up with water!
Hallie: That bunny's gonna be wetter than a whale at a water park!
Lambie: I'll save the sweet little guy! I've got you!
Stuffy: Did you squeeze the bunny too hard, Lambie?
Lambie: No, I don't think so.
Chilly: Another bunny!
Hallie: I'll get that one! Come on, sugar.
Stuffy: Another one? How many bunnies are there?
[Bunnies squeaking]
Lambie: That's everybunny! Oops! I mean "everybody."