Doc McStuffins Wiki

Stuffy: Uh, toys to Doc. Come in, Doc.

Lambie: Doc, what's wrong?

Doc: Sorry. Carlos' dad got a job in another state, and they're moving. I'm really gonna miss him

Stuffy: Oh, but Star Blazer Zero's staying, right?

Doc: No. He's going with his kid.

Stuffy: Oh, Commander Crush is gonna be, well, crushed. They're space buddies forever!

Star Blazer Zero: Friends, I'm about to depart on my final space alien mission on this delightful little planet you call the clinic.

Hallie: What in the yipping yo-yos is he yammering about?

Doc: Carlos and Zero are moving.

Chilly: Am I missing something. If he wasn't moving I'd be worried.

Lambie: No, they're going to live someplace new.

Star Blazer Zero: I'm ready to blast off! Or, you know, get in the moving van and drive to my new home.

Commander Crush: Zero?

Star Blazer Zero: Crush.

Commander Crush: Is it true?

Star Blazer Zero: It is. I'm heading out on a mission to the unknown!

Commander Crush: When will you be back?

Star Blazer Zero: Buddy, I won't be coming back.

Commander Crush: No, no. Zero!!! (Starts crying)

Star Blazer Zero: Don't. I might... c-cry. And I-I really don't want to cry.

Commander Crush: What am I gonna do without you? You're my space buddy.

Star Blazer Zero: And you're mine.

Commander Crush: When I met Zero, I knew I'd met a kindred toy. Sure, he's an alien astronaut and I'm a space commander space plane. But deep down we're both powered by Double A batteries.

Commander Crush: What am I gonna do without you? Zero, we'll never see each other again.

Star Blazer Zero: This feels an awful like I'm scared. And sad. It turns out alien astronauts can feel emotions! What a discovery!

Stuffy: Come on, guys. An asteroid has broken up. Its pieces are zooming towards Earth. You have to save us!

Commander Crush: Okay, we shall save the clinic. Ha ha!

Commander Crush: (Before song) Zero, I know facing a new destination can be scary. But I'm here to get you mission ready. I'm gonna be brave for both of us.

Commander Crush: (After song) This is gonna be a great adventure, Zero. You'll make new discoveries, new friends, and we'll always be connected.

Star Blazer Zero: With you guiding my ship, I know I can go anywhere.

Commander Crush: Send your coordinates when you have them.

Star Blazer Zero: I will, and send a postcard, okay.

Commander Crush: I will. I know you're gonna have an amazing adventure on your new planet. I'm gonna miss you. But I know we'll always be...

Commander Crush and Star Blazer Zero: Space buddies till the end.

Commander Crush: Good luck, Zero.

Star Blazer Zero: Thanks, buddy. You're the best space friend an alien astronaut could ever have.