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Theme song
Mr. McStuffins: Ooooh! Ooooooh!
Doc: Dad!
Mr. McStuffins: Just warming up my spooky Halloween voices. Ooooooh! Boo! Yep. I think I'm ready!
Doc: Me too! I love Halloween!
Mr. McStuffins: Like father, like daughter. Yes, siree, my little boo-buddy. I do believe this is the best McStuffins McSpooky room we've ever done!
Doc: Me too, and we open it in an hour!
Mr. McStuffins: Oh! I've got something new for this year's spooky spectacular!
Doc: What is it?
Mr. McStuffins: Wait here.
Doc: A jack-o'-lantern? But we have a ton of those already.
Mr. McStuffins: Not like this one. It has a motion sensor. When someone walks by--
Sebastian: Boooooo!
Doc: [Giggles] Scary! Hee hee hee hee!
Mr. McStuffins: My turn! [Whistles] Huh? [Whistles] Hey. It's not working! Hmm. I'll have to see what's wrong with it--
Mr. McStuffins: Oh! Ha ha! My bat brownies are done. Be right back.
Doc: Dad, can I take this to the clinic, see if I can figure out why it isn't working?
Mr. McStuffins: Sure, Doc. I don't know anyone as good at fixing toys as you are.
Doc: Me neither! As far as I know, I`m the best toy doctor there is!
Doc: The doc is in!
[Stethoscope goes off]
Stuffy: Happy Halloween, Doc!
Doc: Happy Halloween, everyone! I love all your costumes!
Stuffy: Thanks, Doc!
Hallie: You look great, too.
Lambie: [Giggles] I love mine, too.
Chilly: Aw, thanks.
Doc: Chilly, what are you dressed up as?
Chilly: A snowman!
Doc: But... you look great!
Chilly: Aw, thanks! I tried.
Stuffy: Kids starting to trick-or-treat yet? I love seeing everyone's costumes.
Doc: Not yet, but they'll start soon!
Stuffy: [Sees himself in the mirror] [Humming] Aah! Pirate!
Lambie: Whoa! That's you in a costume!
Stuffy: Oh, yeah. Ha ha ha! I knew that.
Lambie: Is it time for everyone to come over for your McStuffins McSpoooooky party?
Hallie: You can't start the party without your Halloween hippo! Heeey-hooo!
Doc: I wouldn't think of it, Hallie, but we have a patient to see first.
Chilly: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what's in there? A-A [gulp] ghost?!
Stuffy: There's no such thing as ghosts, Chilly. No need to be afraid. So what is in there?
Doc: A ghost.
Stuffy: Aah!
Chilly: Wait. You took my line. Aah!
Doc: But it's a toy ghost my dad and I are using in the spooky room. It's not any scarier than you are.
Stuffy: I can be scary!
Chilly: And I can be scared.
Sebastian: Hey. Can someone get me out of here? The top of my pumpkin won't open!
Doc: Don't worry. We will. What's your name?
Sebastian: Sebastian.
Hallie: Sounds like someone needs a checkup.
Chilly: I agree. I like to get them regularly.
Hallie: Not you! The ghost!
Chilly: Aah! Ghost! Heh heh. Sorry. Instinct.
[Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna check your ears ♪
♪ Check your eyes ♪
♪ Find out how much you've grown ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna listen to your heart beat ♪
♪ Fix you up, ready to go ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
[Doc and Lambie]
♪ It's OK if you giggle ♪
♪ This will only tickle a little ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
Doc: Hmm. This--this latch is...stuck. That's it! I have a diagnosis! Sebastian, you have Ghost-Stuck-in-a-Pumpkin Syndrome. It's very rare.
Hallie: Let me see if I can scare up the "Big Book of Boo-Boos"!
Stuffy: Ha ha ha! "Big Book of Boo-Boos"! Get it? Boo-boooos! You know, it's funny 'cause, you know, it's Halloween and all? Anybody?
Sebastian: Doc, how are you gonna fix it?
Doc: I just need to loosed this screw.
Sebastian: I'm freeeee!
Stuffy: Aah! Ohh!
Sebastian: What are you scared of?
Stuffy: Me? Scared? Ha ha! I don't get scared.
Sebastian: Oh, right. Because you're a pirate!
Doc: Stuffy's really a dragon. He's dressed in a costume. We all are.
Sebastian: Hi, cute mouse.
Doc: Squeakers isn't a mouse. He's a fish! And Hallie is a hippo, not a daisy.
Hallie: But don't you worry. I smell just as sweet as a daisy dipped in sugar coated sunshine!
Doc: Lambie, she's a lamb, not a rabbit, and I'm not a cowgirl. I'm a doctor.
Chilly: Don't know if you can tell, but I'm a snowman.
Sebastian: Wow. You guys look great, but why are you dressed up?
Doc: For Halloween. Haven't you ever been?
Sebastian: Um, no. This is my first one.
Doc: Oh. Well, everyone dresses up. You're gonna love it! It's my favorite holiday. My dad's too. Hey. You're fixed, so I can show you. It's time to open our world famous McStuffins McSpooooky roooom!
Sebastian: Oh, yeah. Great.
Mr. McStuffins': Almost done with the McSpooky punch. How'd you do with the ghost?
Doc: He's all fixed.
Mr. McStuffins: Great. I should be done in a few, and then we can open the doors. Mwa ha ha ha!
Doc: You might want to keep working on that one.
Lambie: Wow!
Chilly: Amazing!
Stuffy: Far out!
Hallie: This is cool!
Sebastian: Oh, a skeleton! And bats! And they don't look friendly. Oh, I don't like Halloween. It's scary! Ohh! A witch! Aah!
Doc: Sebastian?
Lambie: Maybe he wants up to give him a try! Someone just has to walk in front of him, right?
Stuffy: Let me handle this. Nothing scares me! [toy Spider comes in front of him] Aah! Except spiders. Scared of spiders.
Stuffy: [Notices the spider isn't real] Ha ha! Course this spider isn't real, which I knew all along. Oh, I love a good scare that turns out not to be scary!
Hallie: Stuffy, walk in front of that pumpkin already, will you?
Doc: Huh. It didn't work.
Stuffy: [Humming] Oh, there's definitely something wrong.
Doc: Oh, no! Sebastian must have had a relapse of Ghost-Stuck-in-a-Pumpkin Syndrome.
Stuffy: Ooh! Not a relapse! That's terrible. Uh, what's a relapse again?
Doc: It's when something you already had comes back again. Don't worry, Sebastian. I'll give you another checkup. Huh. His latch isn't stuck.
Hallie: So it's not Ghost-Stuck-in-a-Pumpkin Syndrome?
Doc: Doesn't look like it. Sebastian, can you come out?
Sebastian: Oh. Uh, OK.
Doc: Your heart is beating really fast, and you're shaking.
Sebastian: Yeah. I can't stop.
Lambie: Aw. You need a cuddle.
Sebastian: Thanks.
Doc: Heart beating fast, shaking, and a cuddle makes you feel better. Sebastian, are you scared?
Sebastian: Yeah, I am. I know I'm a ghost and I'm supposed to be scaring everyone else, but I'm scared.
Doc: I know everyone looks scary on Halloween, but it's all pretend.
Sebastian: Really? Those skeletons and witches don't look very friendly.
Doc: That's Hazel. She's pretending to be scary, but she's soooo nice.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Doc: Why don't I introduce you, and you can see how sweet she is. Hi, Hazel!
Hazel: Hi, Doll! Don't you look adorable all decked out in the cowgirl costume?
Doc: Thanks! This is my friend Sebastian.
Hazel: Hi, Sebastian!
Bat: Welcome to the spooky room, Sebastian. Nice folks here. You need anything, just give a call.
Sebastian: Uh, thanks! They're all so nice. Maybe Halloween is gonna be fun after all.
Doc: Oh, it definitely is.
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ What you gonna be on Halloween ♪
♪ To go trick or treat on Halloween? ♪
♪ You could be a fireman ♪
♪ A doctor or a ballerina ♪
♪ A robot or a bumblebee ♪
♪ A monster named Edwina ♪
♪ There's nothing really scary ♪
♪ It's all just make believe ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ The ghost that just said, "Boo!" ♪
♪ Is still your best friend underneath ♪
♪ So what you gonna be on Halloween ♪
♪ To go trick or treat on Halloween? ♪
Sebastian: You know what? I think Halloween is my favorite holiday, too!
Doc: Yay!
Stuffy: Way to go!
Lambie: And you're not scared?
Sebastian: Nope. Now I know that everything is just pretend. I think I'm ready to get down to spoooooky business.
Stuffy: We should probably take this baby for a test drive, make sure it's working all right. [Hums]
Sebastian: Boo!
Stuffy: Aah!
Sebastian: You do remember that everything is pretend, right? There's nothing to be scared of.
Stuffy: Oh, yeah. Right.
[Doc, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly laugh]
Stuffy: Of course I know that.
Mr. McStuffins: Ready to open up, Doc?
Doc: Guys, are you ready?
Sebastian: You bet!
Sebastian: And, Doc, thanks!
Doc: Anytime. Nice costume!
Mr. McStuffins: Thanks! This place look grea--
Sebastian: Boo!
Mr. McStuffins: Whoa!
Doc: Ha ha! Dad, it's not real.
Mr. McStuffins: Your right, Doc. It's not...
Sebastian: Boo!
Mr. McStuffins: And that's why I love Halloween!
Doc: Me too! Let's open the doors.
Mr. McStuffins: After you.
Boy: Trick or treat!
Girl: Happy Halloween.
Doc: Come on in.
Girl: Whoa!
Boy: Whoa! Spiders? Skeletons!
Sebastian: Boo!
Boy: Aah! Awesome.
Girl: This room, like, totally rocks.
Sebastian: Boo!
Girl: Aah!
Mr. McStuffins: Ooh! Boo!
Doc: Dad! Ha ha ha!