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Boomer is sad, sweet and depressed, but he is somewhat scared when it comes to check-ups. In "Busted Boomer", Doc brings Boomer into the clinic and asks him if he would let her give him a check-up, and he agrees. When Doc takes his pressure, she calls his illness 'inflate-alosis', and tells her friends that unlike Boomer, who has air in him, Stuffy, Lambie, and Chilly have stuffing. Boomer tries to leave the check-up room, but Stuffy stops him. Doc then finds that he is full of air and deflates him. She then takes out her needle, which terrifies Boomer. Doc tells him that he needs to have more leaks on him, and catches Chilly's attention while Boomer hops away outside. When the gang finds him, Doc tells Boomer that she doesn't like needles either. When she had to get a shot with a needle from her doctor, she was always scared, so her Mom gave her a big hug, and as long as she was there, Doc felt brave enough to get the shot. Her friends give Boomer a hug while Doc puts leaks on him, to calm his nerves. By the time it's done, Boomer receives one more hug and is very squishy and plops on the ground!


  • "I love to plop! But I'm not feeling so good today."
  • "I tell you, when I hit the ground just right, and, plop, I lie on the ground deflating--oh, it's the sweetest sound ever! But that didn't sound sweet. Why did I bounce?"
  • "Awesome! Thanks, Doc! Now I'm ready to go back and play!"
  • "You're right, guys! I love deflating , and I can't do that unless I have leaks."