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Boppy is a bopping balloon toy that Donny and Will play with until he got popped by a prickly thorn of a rose.


Physical Appearance

Boppy is a blue inflatable punching bag shaped like a dog. He has a light-colored belly and muzzle, with freckles on his face and green eyes.

Role in the series

Boppy is a self-confident and kind-hearted dog, but he doesn't like being injured. In "A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns", Boppy is quickly taken in by Doc to get healed, and Doc finds a hole in him and puts a band-aid on him, then she gives him a quick check-up. But when Boppy goes back out, he gets another hole, and Doc quickly puts another band-aid on him. Stuffy tells her how Boppy got his second injury and Doc finds out that he got popped by a rose thorn and calls her diagnosis the 'Pricklethorns'. She tells Boppy to be more careful and stay away from the rosebush.


  • "Give me your best bop!"
  • "I was so lucky to be in the backyard of the great Doc McStuffins!"
  • "Believe me, I'll always be careful of sharp things now. Can't thank you enough, Doc. I feel like my old self."


Boppy's Boo-Boo