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"Boxed In" is the second segment of the sixty-fifth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on July 16, 2015.


Doc and her toys invite Flora, a cute Flamenco dancer in a display box, to their McStuffins toy ball and help Flora overcome her fear of leaving her box.




Lambie: Hello, Flora! Your dress is so beautiful.
Flora: Gracias, señorita. This is what we wear in Spain to do the flamenco dance. Ay-yi-yi!

Sir Kirby: I think I've caught a case of flamenco fever.
Chilly: Flamingo fever? [Gasps] I'm gonna turn into a bird. Will I turn pink and stand on one leg?
Stuffy: You don't have a leg to stand on. *Laughs*
Doc: And she's saying flamenco, like the dance. Not flamingo, like the bird.

Flora: So I don't have to stay stuck in this box forever?
Doc: No, you don't. But you're gonna have to face your fears. Stuck inside a box is no way to play.
Stuffy: If I put myself back in the toy box every time I got messy...I'd never leave the toy box.
Lambie: Yeah, ever.
Dress-Up Daisy: I like my fashion-forward outfits to be runway ready, but I like playing even more than that! And when something gets messy, I can just clean it up.
Doc: Toys are meant to be played with.