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"Brave Like You" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 4 episode "Hannah the Brave". It is sung by Hannah, with Doc, Stuffy and Lambie in the background.

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Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Brave Like You - Song Music Video


<poem> Hannah (Doc, Stuffy and Lambie): No matter how hard it is I'll be there for my kid Good or bad, we're in this together So I don't even care If I lose all my hair My love for you is forever

There's no answer I can't find (Ooooh oooh) No mountain I won't move (Ooooh oooh) No battle I won't fight (Ooooh oooh) I wanna be brave like you (Brave like you)

There's nothing I can't take (Ooooh oooh) Nothing I won't do (Ooooh oooh) You're the bravest of the brave (Ooooh oooh) And I wanna be brave like you (Brave like you)

Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Hannah: Brave like you!