Doc McStuffins Wiki

Lambie: Doc, look! Let's play dress up. (Throws pink hat on Stuffy’s head)

Stuffy: Oh, no. This dragon does not wear pink!

Lambie: It really brings out the color of your spots.

Stuffy: It does? (Looks in mirror) Hmm... No, no, no, even if I look, well, amazing, still no pink.

Doc: Sorry, guys. I don’t have time to play dress up.

Lambie: Now what could be so important that you don’t have time for dress up?

Doc: Bubble Monkey! Emmie and Alma invited Donny and me over for a bubble popping party.

Stuffy: Really? I love playing with Bubble Monkey! And popping bubbles. Pop! Pop! Pop! Aah! (Trips on a roller skate) It's more fun with real bubbles.

Donny: (offscreen) Doc, you ready?

(Stuffy, Lambie, and Chilly go stuffed just as Donny came into Doc’s room)

Donny: Come on, come on! I wanna play with Bubble Monkey!

Doc: Okay, I’m ready.

Donny: Great! 'Cause it’s gonna be a bubbleri- (sneezes) Bubbleriffic time! (sneezes)

Doc: Wow! Those were some big sneezes.

Donny: I’m okay. (sneezes) Come on! Let’s go play with…with… (sneezes) with Bubble Monkey. (sneezes)

(Dr. Mcstuffins comes into Doc’s room and feels Donny’s forehead)

Dr. Mcstuffins: Oh, honey, you feel warm. I think you’re coming down with something.

Donny: Can I still play with Bubble Monkey?

Dr. Mcstuffins: I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t let you go. You’d spread germs, and Doc and Emmie and Alma might get sick too.

(Donny groans as he and Dr. Mcstuffins leave Doc’s room and Stuffy, Lambie, and Chilly come back to life)

Lambie: Oh, poor Donny.

Chilly: Poor Donny? Poor me! I was standing right under him when he sneezed. Do I have a cold now?

Doc: Toys can’t get colds, Chilly.

Chilly: Phew!

Stuffy: Hmm, if only there was a way to bring the bubble party to Donny.

Doc: Great idea, Stuffy.

Stuffy: Uh... it was? Oh yeah, it was!

Doc: I’m gonna ask Emmie and Alma if I can borrow Bubble Monkey. She loves cheering kids up.

Lambie: Great idea, Doc!

Chilly: You’re so smart!

Stuffy: That’s why you’re the Doc!

Doc: Be right back!

Bubble Monkey: Hugs, hugs! So much fun! I want hugs from everyone! Ah-choo!

(Everyone laughs)

Stuffy: I don't know what happened. My feet went all out of control.

Lambie: Stuffy, your feet, and tail, and paws-and-head-and-wings go out of control all the time.

Stuffy: Well, more than usual then!

Bubble Monkey: Three cheers for blowing my nose.

Stuffy: Well, she's not gonna...

Everyone else: Hip, hip hooray!

Stuffy: Hey!