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Theme song
Emmie: 3...2...1...
Doc, Emmie and Alma: Bubbles! [Laughter]
Alma: Bubbles! I got 3 bubbles!
Emmie: I got 6.
Doc: I got two at once!
Emmie: Rudi!
[Doc, Emmie and Alma laugh]
Alma: Hey! No more bubbles!
Emmie: I think Bubble Monkey is out of bubbles. Better fill her up.
Alma: [Gasp] Can I do it? Please, can I do it? Pleeeeeease?
Emmie: OK.
Doc and Emmie: Rudi!
Emmie: Here, Rudi!
Doc: Rudi!
Emmie: Rudi, come back.
Alma: Huh. Must be...this one. I did it! I filled Bubble Monkey all by myself.
Emmie: You know what that means! 3!
Alma: 2!
Doc: 1!
Doc, Emmie and Alma: Bubbles!
Emmie: You said you filled it up.
Alma: I did!
Doc: Lemme see. Hmmm. It feels like it's full.
Emmie: I know that look.
Doc: What look?
Emmie: That one. That look you get when toys don't work. I don't know how you do it, but you always get broken toys to work again.
Doc: Well, they don't call me "Doc" for nothing!
Emmie: So, you'll fix it?
Alma: Please!
Doc: I'll take a look and see if I can figure it out.
Mr. McStuffins: Hi, Doc!
Doc: Ni, dad!
Mr. McStuffins: Want some strawberries? They're super healthy and fresh, picked by farmer dad!
Doc: Yay! Strawberries. Thanks, Dad! Mmmmmm. Delicious! Can I take these to the clinic? I've got a patient.
Mr. McStuffins: You bet.
Doc: The doc is in.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Chilly: Howdy do!
Lambie: Good morning, Doc!
Hallie: Good to see ya, Doc!
Stuffy: Hey, look, Doc brought Bubble Monkey over to play! I love chasing bubbles.
Chilly: Really? I always think the bubbles are chasing me.
Bubble Monkey: Bubbles, bubbles so much fun, bubbles, bubbles for everyone!
Doc: But I don't think you can...
Bubble Money: [Laughs] [Blows] Oh...
Stuffy: Aw. I don't see any bubbles.
Bubble Monkey: I can't blow my bubbles. Oh, no, no, no!
Doc: I didn't bring you here to play this time. I brought you to my clinic because, well, you're a toy, and you're not working.
Bubble Monkey: Boy, one minute you're blowing bubbles, the next you're a broken toy.
Lambie: Not for long.
Doc: Bubbles, it's--
[Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna check your ears ♪
♪ Check your eyes ♪
♪ Find out how much you've grown ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I'm gonna listen to your heart beat ♪
♪ Fix you up, ready to go ♪
[Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
[Doc and Lambie]
♪ It's OK if you giggle ♪
♪ This will only tickle a little ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie]
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
Doc: Your bubble pressure is good, and your pumper sounds great. Let's check your blow power. I want you to blow on this feather as hard as you can.
Bubble Monkey: I'll try way super hard! [Blows] How did I do? Did I do super-good?
Doc: Hm. You should have been able to blow the feather much further.
Stuffy: Let me try!
Doc: Good idea. If you blow on the feather, we can compare how hard you puff to how hard Bubble Monkey puffed.
Stuffy: Roooooaaaarrrr!
Bubble Monkey: Stuffy blew much harder than me! yay for Stuffy!
Stuffy: Aw shucks.
Doc: You're right. He did blow harder. Let me listen to your chest. Take a deep breath for me.
[Bubble Monkey inhales]
Doc: Good. Now breathe out.
[Bubble Monkey exhales]
Doc: Hmmmm.
Lambie: What ya thinking, Doc?
Doc: Sounds like some goop is blocking up your bubble pumper.
Bubble Monkey: Goop? That sounds super yucky.
Doc: Are you having any other symptoms?
Bubble Monkey: Oh, I dunno. What are symptoms?
Hallie: Symptoms are your body's way of talking to you, like when your ear hurts or are you having itchy spot. Things like that are symptoms that something is wrong.
Bubble Monkey: Well, gosh. I do have a tummy ache.
Doc: A tummy ache. Hmmm...
Hallie: Well, sugar. Maybe you're just a hungry little monkey.
Stuffy: Oh, sometimes when I'm hungry, my tummy growls, like this. [Tummy gurgling]
Chilly: Oh, that was scary, Stuffy!
Stuffy: Even dragon tummy gurgles are scary!
Bubble Monkey: I don't think I feel hungry. In fact, I feel way super stuffed!
Doc: Alma filled you up right before I brought you in here, and now you have a tummy ache. Is it OK if I give your tummy a little squeeze?
Bubble Monkey: If it helps me blow beautiful bubbles again, then you bet!
Stuffy: Aaaa!
Chilly: Ooh! Help! I;m stuck to a dragon, and he has scary tummy gurgles!
[Stuffy's stomach gurgles]
Chilly: Aah!
Stuffy and Chilly: Heeeeelllp!
Stuffy: Bleh! Well, this is a sticky situation.
Bubble Monkey: Oops! I'm super-duper sorry!
Doc: Let's get them pulled apart, Hallie.
Hallie: I'll have to use my hippo muscles!
Doc: 1...2...3...pull!
Chilly: Whoooooaaa! Oh, thanks, Doc. I was worried I was gonna be stuck to Stuffy forever. And his scary tummy could gurgle at any second!
Doc: Weird. This is paste.
Bubble Monkey: It can't be paste, silly, 'cause you can't make bubbles with paste.
Doc: I know. But I'm pretty sure this is paste. Before I can give you a diagnosis, I'm gonna have to do some investigating. Can you get Stuffy, and Chilly cleaned up while I talk to Emmie and Alma?
Hallie: Hallie Hippo, reporting for cleanup duty! I'll get these two cleaner than a summer squash at the car wash!
Doc: I'll be back.
Emmie: Doc! Did you fix Bubble Monkey?
Doc: Not yet, but I think I'm onto something. Alma, what did you fill her with?
Alma: I used this one. It's pink, and pink is pretty.
Emmie: But Alma, this one is the bubble soap. The pink one is paste.
Alma: Oh. It is?
Emmie: You're only supposed to fill it with bubble soap.
Alma: Does it matter?
Emmie: It sure does!
Doc: It's just like with people. We have to eat the right things to make our bodies healthy and feel good.
Alma: We do?
Doc: Yep. We need fruits and vegetables instead of candy and sugar.
Emmie: Just like Bubble Monkey needs bubble soap instead of paste.
Doc: Now that I know what happened, I think I know how to fix Bubble Monkey. Be back in a jiffy!
Doc: I have a diagnosis!
Hallie: Mercy me! It looks like it's time for the big book of boo-boos!
Doc: You have a bad case of Gunk-Inside-Atude!
Bubble Monkey: Gunk-Inside-Atude? That sounds super duper yicky. How'd I get it?
Doc: Alma accidentally filled you with paste instead of bubble soap. Toys need to get filled up right...just like people need to eat right.
♪ You could eat a salad or a sandwich or a smoothie ♪
♪ Next thing you know you'll be really feeling groovy ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Eat good food ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Eat the good stuff, you'll be back to blowing bubbles ♪
♪ If you get enough you'll have fewer tummy troubles ♪
♪ Too ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Eat good food ♪
♪ Eat good food ♪
♪ Lots of vegetables and fruits ♪
♪ Do it for all your snacks and meals ♪
♪ Eat good food ♪
♪ And your body will thank you ♪
♪ You're gonna love the way you feel ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Bubble Monkey]
♪ Eat good food ♪
Bubble Monkey: Can you get the pastes out?
Doc: Sure. I'll just run some water through your tubes.
Bubble Monkey: Oops!
Stuffy: Ha ha ha ha!
Doc: There, that washed the paste out.
Bubble Monkey: I feel bubblier already, without all that paste gooping me up.
Doc: Now let's fill you up right.
Bubble Monkey: Ahhhh. That feels so much better!
Lambie: See if you can blow bubbles now.
Bubble Monkey: OK. Here...I...go! [Blows]
Doc: Yay! It works!
Lambie: You did it, Doc! You fixed her!
Bubble Monkey: Oh, thanks Doc, you're super fantastic!
Doc: I do love my job.
Chilly: Oh, dear! Bubbles are after me! Hey...that was kinda fun!
[Doc and toys laughing]
Bubble Monkey: Thank you so, so much for fixing me, Doc!
Doc: That's what doctors are for. Now, let's get you back to Emmie and Alma.
Alma: You're back!
Doc: And this time, I brought Bubble Monkey!
Alma: Did you fix her?
Doc: Well, there's only one way to find out. 3...2...1...
Doc, Emmie and Alma: Bubbles! [All three laughing]