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"Bubble Monkey" is the second segment of the fourteenth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 11, 2012.


Doc examines Emmie and Alma's bubble monkey after she stops blowing bubbles.


Doc, Emmie and Alma were having fun in Emmie and Alma's backyard playing with Bubble Monkey and catching bubbles. But soon Bubble Monkey runs out of Bubble soap and Alma decides to fill it up again. While Doc and Emmie are distracted by Rudi, Alma fills Bubble Monkey up again.

But something is very wrong as Bubble Monkey won't blow any bubbles, yet she feels like she's full. So Doc takes Bubble Monkey to her clinic to check her out. While there it's discovered that Bubble Monkey has a tummy ache. When asked she says that she doesn't feel hungry, but super full.

So Doc gives her tummy a squeeze and something goes out of her and onto Stuffy, who then gets stuck together with Chilly. Chilly freaks out because of Stuffy's tummy rumbles and they end up in a jar of cotton balls. After Doc and Hallie manage to get them apart Doc discovers that this stuff is paste and goes to talk to Emmie and Alma while Hallie cleans Stuffy and Chilly up.

Once there Doc asks Alma what she filled Bubble Monkey up with, and Alma shows her the pink bottle. Emmie tells her that that's paste and not the bubble soap Bubble Monkey needs.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Stuffy: Hey, look, Doc brought Bubble Monkey over to play! I love chasing bubbles.
Chilly: Really? I always think the bubbles are chasing me.
Bubble Monkey: What are symptoms?
Hallie: Symptoms are your body's way of talking to you, like when your ear hurts or are you having itchy spot. Things like that are symptoms that something is wrong.
Doc: Weird. This is paste.
Bubble Monkey: It can't be paste, silly, 'cause you can't make bubbles with paste.
Doc: I know. But I'm pretty sure this is paste.


  • Diagnosis: Gunk-Inside-Atude
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Bubble Monkey
  • The song "Eat Good Food" is also later sung in The Doc Files episode "Gustov Gator's Gulp".
  • This episode along with "Break Dancer" is the 19th Season 1 episode in production order.

Differences Between Book From Episode[]

  • Lambie didn't appear in the book like how she did in the episode.
  • In the episode, it was Lambie, Hallie and Stuffy who watched Bubble Monkey stand on the scale. In the book, it was Chilly, Hallie and Stuffy who did it.