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Buddy is a construction yellow dump truck that belongs to Donny. He speaks with a Brooklyn accent. Buddy is the best friend of Riggo the Bulldozer.



Buddy is cool, easy-going and very friendly.

Physical Appearance[]

Buddy is a yellow dump truck with black tires, yellow hubcaps and a gray bumper.


  • "Yo, Doc, you can call me Buddy. And this here's my best friend Riggo. We make a great building team."
  • "Oh, I'm just glad to lend a hand. Heh heh. You know, Rig, I'd have hated to have to build a mountain of sand all by myself."
  • "Now we can get back to playing astronaut ball."
  • "Yo, it's my birthday!"
  • "Oh, new tires! Just what I needed! Oh, thanks, guys!"


  • Buddy might be based on the Buddy-L line of toy trucks.
  • Buddy, Hallie, Boppy and Donny are the only characters who celebrated their birthdays in an episode.