Doc McStuffins Wiki

Doc: Wanna play, Commander?

Commander Crush: I don't know, Doc. I really miss Star Blazer Zero.

Doc: I know. So do we.

Commander Crush: We're space buddies forever.

Doc: Toys, I know change can be hard. So I called a meeting to talk about the new family moving into the house where Carlos used to live.

Stuffy: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Doc: Stuffy.

Stuffy: Do you think any of the toys will be scared of me? 'Cause I'm a scary dragon and stuff? (Both Lambie and Chilly laugh)

Doc: They might. You'll just have to let them know how friendly you are. (Everyone raises hands) Chilly.

The Wicked King: Oh, drats!

Chilly: Do you think they'll like toys that are round and white and made of snow?

Doc: They'll love you as much as we do. (Toys raise hands) Um, Lambie.

Lambie: What if they don't like cuddles?

The Wicked King: Oh, for king's sake. I have been raising my hand... Well I obviously don't have hands, but I've been waiting like a common toy to say this. Inform all new toys that I am their king and all sparkly, shiny things belong to me.

Hallie: Now your highness you know we're not doin' that.

The Wicked King: Fine hippo, but I am still their king.