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Theme song
Doc: You're all patched up, Boppy.
Hallie: You're gonna be boppity doo-dop boppin' again in no time.
Chilly: Do I boppity doo-dop bop?
Hallie: You're more hoopity hoppity-hop, sugar.
Chilly: I'll take it.
Hallie: Next up is Frida Fairy's string surgery. She's as prepped as a piñata in a party tree.
Doc: Excellent!
(toysponder vibrating)
Chilly: Oh! My plush is shaking, and I'm not even scared. Or I wasn't until my plush started shaking.
Lambie: No, Chilly. Our toysponder's vibrating 'cause we're being paged.
Chilly: Oh.
(Chilly chuckles)
Chilly: Like I said, not scared.
Doc: Hi, Robot Ray.
Robot Ray: We have recieved an emergency call from Camille Camel.
Doc: Hi, Camille! I'm Doc McStuffins. How can we help?
Camille: Oh, my hump! It feels like a scorpion in high heels is doing the Hokey Pokey on it. Oh, so not righteous, man.
Doc: Hold on. Help is on the way! Guys, Hallie and I have surgery, so take Rosie and Darla and go find Camille. Call me if you need me.
Lambie: You got it!
(siren wailing)
Stuffy: We're he...pah! Here. We're here.
Darla: Where's our patient?
Stuffy: Oh, there. She's playing rub up against the tree. I love that game!
Camille: Oh, it's not a game. My hump feels pretty wrongeous, man. That's the opposite of righteous.
Stuffy: Righteous, good. Wrongeous, bad. Got it.
Lambie: We're emergency medical toys.
Darla: So let us take a look.
(everyone straining)
Chilly: Tell me everything you were doing when your hump started feeling wrongeous, so I can make sure that never happens to my hump.
Lambie: Chilly, you don't have a hump.
Chilly: But when I do, I'll be ready.
Lambie: Okay, Camille, why don't you tell us so we can find out what's wrong.
Camille: Well, I was meditating next to my plants...Ommmmm...You know, filling the oasis with good vibes for my meteor shower party tonight.
Chilly: Meteor shower? But I didn't bring my shower cap.
Camille: Not that find of shower. The kind where meteors from space shoot through the sky, and then they light it up like a disco ball.
(everyone exclaiming)
Camille: Oh, the night sky in the desert is righteous, and with a meteor shower, oh man! It's a total scene.
Stuffy: Yeah, I get that. Total scene!
Camille: For the first time ever, my family's coming here to watch, and I wanted everything to be perfect, which means not having a hump that's all kablooey when they get here.
Stuffy: Okay, we're on it. Um, let's just check your heartbeat. Super fast heartbeat. Which is normally when you're not feeling completely righteous.
Lambie: Tell me if it hurts when I feel along your hump.
Camille: Okay. That's okay. Doesn't hurt. Ow! Owie, owie, owie, that hurts there. And ow!!
Rosie: I know you're excited for the meteor shower, sweetie, but don't go raising the roof just yet.
Camille: Oh, sorry. This is not my lucky day. But I'm okay, at least, my head is. Hump still hurts.
Lambie: Hmm... I don't see anything on your plush. I think we're gonna need to take you to the hospital and X-ray your hump.
Camille: To the hospital?! You know, on my second thought, the pain's not so bad. Gotta split.
Lambie: Camille, come back!
Darla: We've got a runner!
Chilly & Darla: The hospital's the other way!
Stuffy: Rosie'll get her.
Rosie: Honey, we just wanna help.
Camille: I don't need hospital-sized help!
Rosie: And now, I need help.
Lambie: Guys, I think I'd better call Doc.
Lambie: Doc, Camille ran away when we tried to take her to the hospital.
Doc: Where is she now?
Doc: Camille? It's Doc McStuffins. Will you come out and talk to me?
Camille: (talking in fake British accent) Camille? What a lovely name. But I'm afraid there's no Camille at this bush. Ta-ta! Top of the morning.
♪ Hey, what's going on? ♪
♪ Tell us what's wrong ♪
♪ know there's something we can do ♪
♪ It might not be clear, and that's why I'm here ♪
♪ Tell me what's bothering you ♪
♪ Got something on your mind ♪
♪ Don't you keep it inside ♪
♪ You're gonna be fine ♪
♪ Hey, tell us what's wrong ♪
♪ What's going on? ♪
Camille: Oh, this isn't righteous of me. I have to confess. I am Camille. Sorry I tricked you.
Doc: That's okay. But why weren't you being righteous?
Camille: Oh, because the thought of going to the hospital gives me the heebie-jeebies and the willy-billies.
Doc: Looks like you've got a pretty serious twitch in your hump. I'm a doctor, so can I take a look?
Camille: Okay.
Doc: This may hurt a little, but it'll only take a second.
(Camille groaning)
Doc: I feel something sharp. Camille, whatever's in there could cause some serious damage. Gotta get you to the hospital soon.
Camille: No hospital!
Doc: Camille, wait!
Camille: Oh, please don't let me fall!
Doc: Try to stay calm. We'll get you down.
Camille: Stay calm...stay calm... Oh... I can't stay calm. I'm freakin' out!
Rosie: Rosie's got a rescue plan! Pull over the tree over to me.
Doc: Keep going, guys.
Rosie: Jump, sweetie. Rosie's got ya.
Stuffy: I'll catch you.
Camille: Okay.
Doc: Are you okay?
Camille: Oh, yeah. Thanks for rescuing me.
Stuffy: Any time.
Camille: That twitch is getting bad.
Doc: We have to go to the hospital, or it's going to get even worse.
Camille: But if I go to the hospital with all those sick toys, I'll get sick. I don't wanna be sick. I just want the pain in my hump to stop so I can watch the meteor shower with my family.
Doc: Camille, hospitals don't make you get sick. They help you get better.
[Doc & Lambie]
♪ A hospital's where you should be ♪
♪ The deserts grand ♪
♪ To see a meteor shower ♪
♪ But now we need a change of scene ♪
[Stuffy & Lambie]
♪ There's lots of sand ♪
♪ And lovely cactus flowers ♪
♪ We need a place that's cool and clean ♪
[Doc, Stuffy & Lambie]
♪ Let's get you there for treatment and care ♪
♪ A hospital's where you should be ♪
♪ Get over the hump ♪
♪ Get ready, let's jump ♪
♪ A hospital's where you should be ♪
♪ A hospital's where you should be ♪
Camille: Okay, take me to this hospital.
(others cheering)
Darla: All right!
Camille: So I'll be back in time?
Doc: We'll do everything we can to make sure you are.
Camille: Oh, groovy!
Rosie: Better get a move on. Load her in and let's roll.
(siren wailing)
Chilly: This is our waiting room. Or as I like to call it, my second home.
Camille: Sure are a lot of toys here. Are you sure I won't get sick?
Hallie: Welcome to the McStuffins Toy Hospital, sugar. You're gonna be just fine.
Stuffy: Come on.
Lambie: Attagirl!
Chilly: This is the exam room. Isn't it beautiful?
Camille: I like it. Very calm colors. Great vibes. With you guys around, the hospital's not so scary after all.
Doc: Now let's get you an X-ray, and what's inside that hump.
Camille: I've never had an X-ray before.
Doc: It's just a machine that let us see what's inside your body.
Hallie: Ready for your close-up, sugar?
Camille: Ready.
(machine dings)
Doc: There it is. A spine from a cactus right there in your hump. I have a diagnosis! You have a Cacta-Spina Tingly Dingly.
Hallie: Let's stick that in the Big Book of Boo-Boos.
Camille: But how are you gonna get it out?
Doc: I'll do a simple procedure called an operation, where I can open your seam and pull it out.
Camille: You can do that? Like, get inside my seam? Oh, I'm nervous again.
Lambie: Aw, you need a pre-op cuddle.
Camille: Thanks, Lambie. That helped a lot.
Doc: I'm going to put you to sleep, and you won't feel a thing.
Doc: Now count backwards from three for me.
(stethoscope goes off)
Camille: Three...two...
(Stuffy snoring)
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy!
Stuffy: I'm awake!
Doc: There. Now let's close her up.
(stethoscope goes off)
Hallie: Well, hey there, sleepyhead.
Camille: How'd my operation go?
Doc: It went great. We got it out.
Camille: To think that something so small created such a big pain. Wait. How long have I been sleeping? Did I miss the meteor shower?
Doc: Nope! You still have time, but not much.
Camille: Well then, I have to go.
Hallie: Wait a minute now. I know you're new to this hospital stuff, but you need to be cleared first.
Doc: We just need to make sure everything else checks out. Your heartbeat sounds strong and sweet, like you. Wanna check her eyes, Chilly?
Chilly: Your eyes are as white as snow.
Doc: Lambie, blood pressure.
Lambie: Your blood pressure is baa-eautifully normal.
Stuffy: Can I say it? Can I say it? Please.
Doc: Sure, Stuffy.
Stuffy: Camille, you are cleared!
Lambie: You just had your first hospital visit, and you were baa-baa-brave.
Camille: My hump feels totally righteous again! Aw, thanks, guys for everything.
Doc: You're welcome. Now let's get you to that meteor shower party!
Camille: Will you guys come? It's a family thing, but after today, I feel like you're family too.
Doc: We'd love to!
Camille: My camel family and my hospital family are here. I'm feeling the best vibes I've felt all day.
Lambie: You were right. The night sky in the desert is baa-eautiful.
Stuffy: Oh! A meteor. A meteor! Whoa!
Doc: You okay?
Stuffy: I'm so righteous. You were right, Camille. The meteor shower totally lights up the sky like a disco ball. It's a total scene.
(everyone laughing)