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"Can't Stop the Giggles" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 3 episode "Ticklish Truck". It is sung by Lenny.

Can't stop the giggles song


<poem> I got this tickle in my tummy Wanna laugh but it's not funny I'm kind of feeling out of control

I got a rumble in my engine Trying to hold it back But then the water burst and the sirens go

I love laughing But too much of a good thing Doesn't really feel good at all

I can't stop the giggles even a little It's really driving me nuts I keep on tryin' to stop the lights and sirens But come on Enough is enough

I got to pull it together for sure And get back to the pillow fort But I got the giggles I don't want the giggles It really bugs me a lot That I can't stop