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"Chilly and the Dude" is the second segment of the forty-sixth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on June 13, 2014.


When Doc and the gang meet a charismatic snowman who calls himself "The Dude," Chilly thinks that everyone likes their new friend more than him.


The day starts when Doc's mom, Dr. McStuffins creates a winter charity gift basket as she surprises Doc with a stuffed snowman similar to Chilly as the new snowman calls himself "The Dude" as he is an athletic snowman and everything opposite to Chilly as Chilly feels that the Dude is a better snowman than him as he plans to put himself in the winter gift basket.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

The Dude: Hiya.
Chilly: Oh, hi me. Aaahhh! Me?! But I'm here... and there! (Screams) Checkup emergency! I'm seein' things.
Doc: You're not seeing things. My mom bought this stuffed snowman to put in my school's charity basket.

Hallie: I know stickers always help our toys when they're feeling scared.
Lambie: And let's put in this soft lovey-love. It's as close to giving them a cuddle as I can get.

Hallie: Oh, look at that snowman go! He's sportier than a surfing salamander.
Stuffy: And funnier than a...fistful of fun.
Lambie: Huh?
Stuffy: It is hard talking like Hallie. But The Dude is super fun!

Stuffy: That was awesome, Dude! High five.
The Dude: Up high, down low. Around the back, take it slow.
Stuffy: Ah, it's almost too bad you have to go away in the winter gift basket.
Hallie: Oh, say it isn't so.
Lambie: We'll sure miss you.
The Dude: Ah, no worries, friends. I'm gonna make the kid who gets the basket really happy.

(before Doc sings "What's Going On?”)
Doc: Did you want to put something else in the basket?
Chilly: Yes I do. Me.
(Doc and Lambie look at each other nervously)
Chilly: Oh, I just think it's better this way, for everyone.
Doc: Chilly, talk to me.
Chilly: Nope. I just wanna go make some other kid happy.


  • Diagnosis: Perfect Snowman Syndrome
  • Toys that debut in this episode: The Dude
  • Doc walked to the clinic without her snow clothes on.
  • This episode along with "Dad's Favorite Toy" is the 19th Season 2 episode in production order.