Doc McStuffins Wiki

The Dude: Hiya.

Chilly: Oh, hi me. Aaahhh! Me?! But I'm here... and there! (Screams) Checkup emergency! I'm seein' things.

Doc: You're not seeing things. My mom bought this stuffed snowman to put in my school's charity basket.

Hallie: I know stickers always help our toys when they're feeling scared.

Lambie: And let's put in this soft lovey-love. It's as close to giving them a cuddle as I can get.

Hallie: Oh, look at that snowman go! He's sportier than a surfing salamander.

Stuffy: And funnier than a...fistful of fun.

Lambie: Huh?

Stuffy: It is hard talking like Hallie. But The Dude is super fun!

Stuffy: That was awesome, Dude! High five.

The Dude: Up high, down low. Around the back, take it slow.

Stuffy: Ah, it's almost too bad you have to go away in the winter gift basket.

Hallie: Oh, say it isn't so.

Lambie: We'll sure miss you.

The Dude: Ah, no worries, friends. I'm gonna make the kid who gets the basket really happy.

(before Doc sings "What's Going On?”)

Doc: Did you want to put something else in the basket?

Chilly: Yes I do. Me.

(Doc and Lambie look at each other nervously)

Chilly: Oh, I just think it's better this way, for everyone.

Doc: Chilly, talk to me.

Chilly: Nope. I just wanna go make some other kid happy.