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Chinchilla Spa Day 001


Dress-Up Daisy's pet chinchilla is stuck in an automated spa machine and it's up to the Pet Rescue Team to save her!



Dress Up-Daisy: I got an adorable new pet chinchilla. The little thing wouldn't stop rolling around in dust, so I thought spa day, but now Illa, that's my new chinchilla, won't come out of the machine. She must be stuck.
Doc: Let's see.
Hallie: Oh, there she is. Tucked as tight as a thumb in a thimble.
Doc: Real chinchillas don't like to take baths in water. They like to take them in dust. Maybe your toy chinchilla want to do that, too.
Dress-Up Daisy: A dust bath, huh? Ooh! I smell a trend! Ohh! Fabulous! Who's a baby? Who's a dusty, dusty baby? Thanks, Pet Rescue Team!


  • Toys that debut in this short: Dress Up Daisy's pet chinchilla, Illa.