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Little Jack: We're doing it! We're doing it! I can't believe it! Three balls!
Big Jack: That's my boy!
Doc: Hi, Big Jack! Hi, Little Jack!
Big Jack: Hey, it's the doc!
Little Jack: Hi, Doc!
Buddy: Do you guys know what today is? Yo, it's my birthday!
Doc: We're having a party!
Buddy: It's gonna be the biggest party in town!
Little Jack: Sounds amazing!
Doc: You guys sure know how to put on a show.
Little Jack: Yep, we're practicing our juggling jacks act.
Doc: Do you think you could do your act at Buddy's party?
Buddy: Oh, that would be out of sight!
Little Jack: I sure love juggling with my pop.
Big Jack: And I love juggling with you, son. We'll do it!
Doc: Yay!
Buddy: Yeah, baby!
Big Jack: We'd better keep practicing, kiddo.
Doc: See you at the party!
Donny: Donny McStuffins gets control of the ball! [Grunting] Yes! Whoo! Yeah! Whoops! Oh, I hope I didn't break it! Doc!
Doc: Hi, D--
Donny: Doc! I was playing soccer and I dove for the ball and... Well, I kinda banged into your jack-in-the-box. Hard. Sorry. I didn't mean to.
["Pop Goes the Weasel" plays]
Donny: Whoa!
[Doc and Donny laugh]
Doc: He looks fine to me, Donny.
Donny: Oh, good. See ya later, Doc! Donny McStuffins scores!
Doc: Hey, Little J. We're getting ready for Buddy's party!
Little Jack: Wow!
Hallie: This party is gonna be sweeter than sugar on a sundae with sprinkles on top!
Chilly: [Laughs] Birthday parties are great! You know, except when they're too crowded. 'Cause when they get too crowded, they get hot. When they get hot... [Gulp) I melt! Oh! On second thought, I don't like birthday parties at all!
Doc: Chilly, you can't melt, remember?
Chilly: Oh. [Laughs] You're right, Doc. Bring on the crowds!
Doc: Hey, Stuffy, can you help me wrap this present for Buddy?
Stuffy: Ready to wrap! [Mumbling] I am a present-wrapping genius! Um... [Clears throat] Oops. [Giggles] I don't suppose Buddy asked for a dragon for his birthday?
[Doc, Lambie and Hallie laugh]
Little Jack: Hey, Doc! You guys wanna see a sneak peak of our juggling jacks act?
Doc: Sure, we'd love to!
Hallie: Bring it on!
Stuffy: Let's see!
Lambie: Yeah!
Little Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Little Jack! And my pop Big Jack and I are gonna juggle for you! Three balls! Which is kind of new for me, so I hope it goes okay. And here's Big Jack! Hey, pop, ready to do the show? Uh, my pop likes to make a big entrance. Right, pop?
[Muffled yells]
Little Jack: Pop?
Doc: Hmm... That doesn't sound good. Maybe something is wrong.
Big Jack: Ta-da!
Little Jack: Oh, he's okay, everyone!
Big Jack: Actually, I'm not. Ow. Something is wrong.
Little Jack: It is?
Big Jack: Yeah, my crank hurts. Ow!
Little Jack: [Gasps] Oh!
Doc: I better give you a checkup, Big Jack.
Hallie: Come on, sugar, let's get you into the checkup room.
[Big Jack grunts]
Little Jack: Pop, I've never seen you get hurt before. You're gonna be okay, right?
Big Jack: Don't worry, son. I'll be fine in-- Oh! Ow! Ow! Ow! Doc, that-- that hurts.
Little Jack: My dad's in pain. This is kind of scary.
Lambie: Looks like you could use a cuddle, Little Jack.
Doc: I have a diagnosis!
Hallie: Sounds like a case for the big book of boo-boos!
Doc: I didn't see it at first, but now I do. Big Jack has Bent-Crank-tosis.
Little Jack: Well, now that you know what it is, you can make it better, right?
Doc: All I have to do is straighten out your crank, Big Jack. It might hurt a little bit.
Little Jack: That's okay. My pop can take it. You can, right?
Big Jack: Of course I can.
Doc: [Grunting] Hmm... This is harder than I thought.
Little Jack: Is my pop gonna get better?
Doc: Of course he will. It's just that... [Grunts] I... [Grunts] I can't do it myself.
Stuffy: It's okay to ask for help, Doc. Look no further than the strongest dragon in the room!
Chilly: There's another dragon here?
Stuffy: No! Me! I'm the strongest dragon in the room! Here, I'll show you! [Grunting] Heavier than I thought! [Grunts]
Doc: Thanks, Stuffy, but I think I need my dad. He'll be able to straighten this crank out in no time and--
Little Jack: Oh, he will? Good.
Doc: But he's out at the store right now. We just need to wait till he comes home.
Little Jack: Wait, you-- You can't make him better now?
Doc: I'm sorry, Little J.
Big Jack: It won't be long, son.
Little Jack: I always thought that nothing could hurt my pop.
Big Jack: You know, Little J, even parents get hurt sometimes. We get sick, too. But I'll get better. So don't worry.
[Big Jack]
♪ No matter what ♪
♪ I'll be there for you ♪
♪ Come rain or shine ♪
♪ I'm always gonna do ♪
♪ My very best ♪
♪ To keep you safe and away from harm ♪
♪ If I have to sit one out a bit ♪
♪ A son of mine can handle it ♪
♪ Anything that comes your way ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
[Big Jack]
♪ You've got true bravery ♪
♪ So be a big guy for me ♪
♪ Soon I'll be ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Big Jack]
♪ Ready to play ♪
♪ No matter what ♪
[Big Jack]
♪ You can talk to me ♪
[Big Jack] [Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ I'll make you laugh (He'll make you laugh) ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Big Jack]
♪ At all the silly things ♪
♪ So don't be scared ♪
[Big Jack]
♪ I'm always gonna be there for you, son ♪
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Big Jack]
♪ I'm gonna be there for you ♪
Doc: This sling will help. But until you feel better, you're on box rest.
Little Jack: But the show must go on! Isn't that what you always say?
Big Jack: It is, but today It'll have to go on without me. It just hurts too much to juggle.
Little Jack: Oh, no!
Big Jack: You can juggle at the party. By yourself. It'll be the juggling jack act!
Little Jack: Pop, I can't do it without you! I'll be way too scared.
Big Jack: I need you to put on a popping show for Buddy's birthday. Besides, it'll help me forget about this broken crank.
Little Jack: I'll do anything to help you!
Doc: I have an idea. We can help you practice.
Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly: Yeah!
[Whistle blows]
Big Jack: Look at you, Little Jack! You`re a real chip off the ol' box!
Little Jack: Yeah! I'm doing it! I can juggle two balls all by myself! Thanks, everyone! But I'm still not sure I can juggle three.
Doc: Here you go.
Little Jack: Ah!
Doc: Don't worry, Little Jack. We'll all be there cheering for you.
Big Jack: Yeah, especially me! Whoo-hoo!
Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: Yeah!
Hallie: You got it, darling!
Chilly: Happy birthday, Buddy!
Buddy: Yo, Doc! You sure know how to put on a dumping party!
Doc: Glad you like it, Buddy.
Stuffy: This is from all of us.
Lambie: There's a gift receipt in the box if they're not the right size.
Buddy: Oh, new tires! Just what I needed! Oh, thanks, guys!
Doc: Buddy, are you ready for your birthday show?
Buddy: Bring it on!
Doc: Hi, everyone. And thanks for coming to Buddy's birthday party.
[Toys all cheer]
Stuffy: Happy birthday!
Lambie: We love you, Buddy!
Buddy: Oh, I feel the love! I feel it!
Doc: And now... I'd like to introduce the juggling jack act!
Little Jack: Uh, hi. I, uh...
Doc: You can do it! All your friends are here for you!
Surfer Girl: Totally!
Buddy: Yeah! I'll say!
Big Jack: And remember, Little Jack, I'm always here for you, too.
Little Jack: My name is Little Jack! And I'd like to present the juggling jack act! With a little help from my friends.
Stuffy: All right, heads up!
Little Jack: One ball...
Lambie: Here you go!
Little Jack: Two balls... [Gulp] I will now attempt to juggle three balls!
Chilly: Oh, I can't look! Oh, but I have to! Oh, but I can't!
[Doc and toys cheering]
Chilly: Oh, I missed it.
Big Jack: That's my boy!
Buddy: Yay! Little Jack!
[Doc and toys cheering]
Little Jack: Pop, how are you feeling?
Big Jack: I almost forgot about this old crank. You sure made me proud up there, son.
[Horn honks]
Doc: [Gasps] I think my dad's home! I'll go ask if he can straighten out your crank. Be right back!
Mr. McStuffins: Ah! There you go, Doc! All straightened out!
Doc: That's perfect! Thanks, dad!
Little Jack: Pop?
["Pop Goes the Weasel" plays]
Big Jack: I feel so good, I could... Pop!
Little Jack: Hooray!
[Big Jack and Little Jack]
♪ I feel better
♪ So much better ♪
[Big Jack]
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till ♪
♪ You fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
[Big Jack and Little Jack]
♪ And I feel better ♪
♪ So much better now ♪
Doc: It looks like Big Jack and Little Jack both feel better.
Stuffy: It's a two-for-one!
Little Jack: Doc, thank you so much for helping my pop get better!
Doc: My pleasure!
Big Jack: Little Jack, I am so proud of you for doing the juggling jack act all by yourself. I know you can always count on me, but now I know I can count on you, too.
Little Jack: I'd do anything for you, pop.
Big Jack: Back at you, Little J.
Stuffy: Hey, Little Jack, can you teach me how to juggle? This is hard! [Grunting] [Groaning]
[Doc and toys all laugh]