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"Chuck Learns to Look!" is the first segment of the one-hundred and fifth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 20, 2016.


When Chuck the wind up chicken crosses the road without looking, he unintentionally causes accidents.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: [Pants] Hurry, guys. We're gonna be late for our shift at the hospital.
Chilly: But it's hard to run without any legs.
Stuffy: Then hop like you've never hopped before.
Chilly: Hm? Okay. (Starts hopping in a circle, only to stop when he notices Stuffy looking at him) What? I have never hopped like this before.

Chuck: (After he first arrives in McStuffinsville) Small-town chicken in the big-toy city. Wow-wee! So this is McStuffinsville? It's so much bigger and busier than Southwest Sal's ranch.

Doc: Chilly, what test do we run first?
Chilly: Um, if I were a wind-up toy, I'd be worried about my legs. Is it the treadmill test?
Doc: Correct. Well done, Chilly.

Doc: Don't rush around too much, Chuck. We don't want you to get into an accident.
Chuck: You got it, Doc. There's just so much I have to do and see in great big McStuffinsville before my train home.

Lambie: We just finished getting all the fluff out of Ricardo's tries, Doc.
Doc: Great. Do you think you can handle this headlight replacement?
Stuffy: This dragon could do it in his sleep, with both eyes closed. Which I guess would make sense, since I'd be sleeping. (Giggles)

Chuck: I didn't think one little chicken crossing the road could make a difference in the big city.
Doc: When it comes to safety, everyone makes a difference. Toys have to be careful just like kids do.


  • Toys that debut in this episode: Chuck