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Count Clarence is a cardboard bat that is VERY delicate and light as paper as he speaks in a Romanian accent and thinks he's more "magnificent" then the other toys.


Clarence is a light-blue bat with a purple vest, pink inside his wings, dark blue nose and Dracula-like fangs.


"I am Count Clarence the magnificent!"


Season 2:

Season 4:


  • His voice actor, Patton Oswalt, also voices characters such as Remy the Rat in Ratatoullie, Eldon Michaels in Batman Beyond, Spectral in Static Shock, Professor Dementor in Kim Possible, Tobey in WordGirl, Nom Nom in We Bare Bears, and Mr. Sparkles in Big Hero 6: The Series. He also plays characters such as Spencer Olchin in The King of Queens, Ed in Mighty Med, Max in Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Ducky in Modern Family.