The act of crying is a recurring theme in the show. Episodes below are organized by which character cries in each. Edit

Doc McStuffinsEdit

Stuffy Edit

Lambie Edit

Hallie Edit

Chilly Edit

Bronty Edit

Commander Crush Edit

*. Ep.83 Bust a Move

Gabby Edit

* Ep.6 Arcade Escapade

Tobias the Elf Edit

  • Ep.37 A Very McStuffins Christmas
  • The Doc Mcstuffins Christmas Special


  • Ep.27 Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile


  • Ep.83 Bust a Move

Pop - Up Paulo the FrogEdit

  • Ep.71 Pop-Up Paulo

L'il EggheadEdit

  • Ep.38 L'il Egghead Feels the Heat

Xyla Edit

Mr. Chomps Edit

Moo Moo Edit

Lenny Edit

Teddy B. Edit

Sir Kirby Edit

Morton the Lion Edit

  • Ep.38 The Doctor Will See You Now

Hermie Edit

Melinda the Mermaid Edit

Queen Amina Edit

Creepy Cuddly Charlie Monster Edit

Hazel Edit

Rockstar Ruby Edit

Luna Edit

Donny Edit

Alma Edit

Waddly Edit

  • Ep.51 Mirror, Mirror on my Penguin
  • Ep.110 Waddly's Huggly Overload

Wyatt Edit

  • Ep.76 Factory Fabulous

Suki/Sukie Edit

Cece McStuffins Edit

Fiona Edit

  • Ep.85 A St. Patrick's Dilemma

Gillian the Giant Edit

  • Ep.85 A Giant Save

The Wicked King Edit

  • Ep.49 There a King in your Tummy!
  • Ep.87 A Cure for a King

Pickles the Bunny Edit

  • Ep.84 Selfless Snowman

Maya Alanna McStuffins Edit

Lala Edit

  • Ep.89 Night, Night Lala
  • Ep.112 Dixie Gets Glued

Ferris the Dancing Pig Edit

Stanley the "King of the Broken Toys" Edit

  • Ep.93, Ep.94 Toy Hospital:Welcome to McStuffinsville

Tiggley Edit

  • Ep.93, Ep.94 Toy Hospital:Welcome to McStuffinsville

The Babies of the McStuffinsville Toy Hospital Nursery Edit

  • Ep.95 Stuffy Gets His Scrubs
  • Ep.111 Lambie Stuffy Switcharoo
  • Ep.113 Lambie and the McStuffins Babies

Lola,Lacey,Lilly & Billie (The Baby Doll Quadruplets) Edit

  • Ep.97 Project Nursery Makeover

Nikki Nickel Edit

* Ep.102 Nikki's Night in the E.R.

Willow Whiskers Edit

* Ep.106 Willow's Wonky Whiskers

Perry Edit

* Ep.109 Triceratops Trouble

Audrey Edit

  • Ep.110 Hannah the Brave

Hannah Edit

* Ep.110 Hannah the Brave

Dixie Pixie Edit

* Ep.112 Dixie Gets Glued

Peaches Pie Edit

*Ep.115, Ep.116 First Responders to the Rescue

Colin E. Edit

  • Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital (Live In Concert)
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