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Curly Q is a toy, wooden girl doll with curly hair (hence her name) who was the newest toy of the clinic. She initially didn't like her curly hair, believing that it wasn't special like Fabio's or Dolly's since she couldn't do anything with it. With Doc's help, she tried out a bunch of different hairstyles before finding one that worked for her, to which afterwards she came to love and appreciate how her hair looked.


Curly Q has brown (with a touch of red) curly hair, a sky blue dress with a turquoise shirt and pink short pants. Her hair is in an Afro.


  • Her voice actress, Cherami Leigh, has been known for her work in many English-dubbed anime. For example, she voices Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, Patty Thompson from Soul Eater, Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, and Chloe Cerise in Pokemon Journeys: The Series. She's also voiced characters in western animation such as Trixx from Miraculous Ladybug, Mia Gabon in Star Wars Resistance, and Pearl Serpentine in Monster High: The Great Scarrier Reef.