Doc McStuffins Wiki

Saltwater Serge: Where in the world are we, and where is the closest ocean?

Stuffy: You go down the street a ways, uh, take a left at the gas station, or maybe it's a right, well, uh, then you turn at the big tree and then-

Lambie: (Sigh) You're in the clinic of the world famous toy doctor, Doc McStuffins.

Saltwater Serge: In the summer, Marcus would bring us to the pond to look for ze salamanders and ze frogs. Marcus wanted to be an ocean explorer one day.

Stuffy: You learn something new every day. Or, at least, I do. Actually, I relearn stuff every day, too.

Doc: Aha.

Saltwater Serge: Is that aha good or aha bad?

Chilly: Oh, it's actually good. Except when it's bad.

Lambie: Ahem!

Chilly: Which it isn't right now. You know, it's good. Ha ha. I'm almost totally pretty sure. I'm not helping, am I?

Hallie: These beads are brighter than a buttercup in bloom!

Lambie: Ooh, pretty! I can make a beautiful necklace out of these.

Doc: Sorry, Lambie. These beads are for Wellington's button.

Lambie: Well, while I believe you can never have enough necklaces, I'm probably good for now.

Lambie: Um, Doc, you know, your dad's kinda grown up now. Do you think he's gonna still wanna play with Serge?

Doc: I'm not sure, Lambie. But I think he'll always love Serge, no matter what. And I know how to make sure Serge still gets played with by a kid.

Lambie: Oh, Doc, that's such baa-eautiful news.