Demitri the Dazzling!
Season 3, Episode 12A
Demitri the Dazzling!
Air date November 2, 2015
Written by Ford Riley
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"Demitri the Dazzling!" is the first segment of the seventy-fifth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 2, 2015.


When Demitri's sidekick Carrots, runs amuck and botches up his magic tricks, he decides to hold auditions for a new sidekick. When Doc later discovers that Carrots has an injury to her foot, she explains to Demitiri that pets are a lifelong commitment and you shouldn’t give up on them if they mess up.




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Stuffy: Demitri the Dazzling, huh? I'm dazzling because I'm a dragon. What makes you "the Dazzling"?
Demitri: A fair question indeed, Mr. Blue Dragon. Maybe just maybe, it's because I can do things like this. Abraca-dazzle! (Makes flowers appear)
Chilly: Magic!
Demitri: Something for the lovely ladies.
Lambie: And Lambies!

Demitri: I'd like you all to meet my magical assistant, Carrots. She helps me out with many of my tricks.
Chilly: I don't usually say this, but Carrots is cute, cute, cutety-cute cute.
Lambie: That's exactly what I was gonna say.
Hallie: She's more adorable than a kitten hugging a panda on a rainbow-colored unicorn.

Doc: Hey, everybody, what's going on?
Stuffy: Hallie is auditioning to be Carrots' replacement.
Doc: What? Why?
Demitri: Carrots destroyed all of my magical props, so I had to let her go. I'm sure you can find her a wonderful home with a less-delicate toy.
Doc: Um, Demitri, where is Carrots?
Demitri: She was here a minute ago.
Lambie: (Gasps) Oh, no. Where did she go?
Stuffy: Carrots. Carrots! Hey, Carrots!
Hallie: Come on, sugar.
Lambie: Um...
Doc: (Sees scarves going outside) Hmm. I wonder... (Goes outside and sees Carrots) Carrots. (Carrots whimpers and they go back into the clinic) Demitri, I know Carrots messed up your stuff, but you shouldn't get rid of a pet the first time it does something wrong.
Demitri: I didn't want to, but look at this place.
Doc: I hear you, Demitri. But when you adopt a pet, it's forever.


  • Diagnosis: Bunny-spring catch-on-stuff-alossitude
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Demitri, Carrots
  • This is the second time Chilly didn't sing the "Get Your Pet to the Vet" song.
  • An inaccurate summary of the episode was submitted to TV guides, saying Demitri is Carrot's sidekick for his magic tricks (it is the other way around, Carrot is Demitri's sidekick).
  • When challenged to pull apart the 3 metal rings, Stuffy references his plush pecs, however the pectoralis muscles are used to bring the arms forward and together, not backward and apart. It is upper back pulling muscles such as the trapezius, rhomboids, teres major, teres minor and rear head of the deltoideus which is involved with pulling things apart.
  • This is the second time Chilly didn't sing the "Get Your Pet to the Vet" song. The first was in "Take Your Pet to the Vet".



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