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Dev is a young boy who resides in the world of Doc McStuffins. When Dev's toy is injured, Doc's med students come to his room to bring him to the McStuffinsville Toy Hospital in McStuffinsville, but both reveal to Dev that they can talk by accident and transport him to McStuffinsville. There, Dev overcomes his fears to assist in providing aid when a storm hits the town and eventually is given his own toysponder device to return any time that he wants.

Physical Looks[]

Dev has black hair, and brown skin.


Dev wears a green shirt with blue and green stripes, light brown pants, and white and red shoes.


  • Dev is the eighth and finale human character to find out about Doc's ability to bring toys to life, with the first seven being Florence Nightingale, Santa, Tobias, Suki, Maya, Grandma Mcstuffins and Christopher Robin.
  • He is the third human other than Doc to travel to McStuffinsville the other being Grandma Mcstuffins and Christopher Robin.
  • He is one of the three human characters other than Doc to sing after Florence Nightingale and Grandma Mcstuffins.
  • He and Grandma Mcstuffins are the only characters other than Doc to sing one of the main songs (he can be heard singing Time for Your Check Up).
  • Dev makes a cameo in the episode Lost and Found.
  • Dev was originally going to have a spin-off series based on the episode First Responders to the Rescue but Disney cancelled it for unknown reasons.