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"Dig, Dig, Dig" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 1 episode "Stuck Up". It is sung by Doc, Buddy and Riggo.


<poem> Riggo and Buddy: Dig, dig, dig Dig, dig, dig

Riggo: Dig, dig, digging in the sand

Doc: Building mountains to the sky

Riggo: Build, build with shovel hands

Doc: Just keep it from your eyes

Doc, Riggo and Buddy: So much to do and move around Sand in your gears just slows you down

Riggo and Buddy: No sense in getting stuck

Doc: Just keep on thinking big

Riggo and Buddy: Dig, dig, dig Two buddies with their trucks

Doc, Riggo and Buddy: Yeah, we all love to dig Dig, dig, dig, dig