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Doc McStuffins Dig It 001


When Wildlife Will’s pet ferret, Skitters, crawls inside a giant ant farm, it’s up to the Pet Rescue Team to go in after Skitters to steer him in the right direction!



Wildlife Will: I'm glad you're here, mates.
Doc: Hey, Wildlife Will. What's the trouble?
Wildlife Will: My pet ferret, Skitters, crawled inside my robot toy ant farm, and I can't get him to come out.
Stuffy: Skitters sure looks like he's having a good time.
Hallie: But those ants sure aren't!
Wildlife Will: I hear ya, but I can't get Skitters to stop digging!
Doc: Don't worry, Wildlife Will. We'll go in after him.
Chilly: Uh, but nobody likes a dirty snowman!
Doc: Why don't you and Wildlife Will stay out here and help guide us through the tunnels? We can use our Toysponders.
Hallie: That ferret just won't stop!
Chilly: And the ants are gettin' really antsy!
Doc: What Skitters needs is his very own place to dig. [Gasp] You guys get him to dig his way back to the top. I'll meet you there.
Stuffy: One pet ferret coming up!
Doc: I made a special dig box for Skitters, so he can do what he loves without scaring the ants.
Wildlife Will: Oh! Now Skitters has got a place just for him, like the ants with their ant farm.
Chilly: Yep. So when are they gonna start farming?