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Golden Books[]

Cover Title Release Date Description
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A Knight in Sticky Armor December 11, 2012 Doc McStuffins doesn't just play with her toys—she heals them! Girls ages 2-5 will love getting to know this super-smart six-year-old doctor with her own backyard clinic. This Little Golden Book is based on the new Disney Junior show, Doc McStuffins.
Boomer Gets His Bounce Back
Boomer Gets His Bounce Back July 23, 2013 Doc McStuffins helps a ball named Boomer in this Little Golden Book retelling of an episode from the popular Disney Junior series. Kids ages 2–5 will love finding out how Doc gets Boomer bouncing again. And they'll relate to Boomer's fear of needles—and learn how to be brave at their next doctor's visit.
Snowman Surprise
Snowman Surprise September 10, 2013 Chilly the snowman accidentally changes color in this Little Golden Book retelling of a winter-themed episode from the popular Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins. Kids ages 2–5 will love finding out how Doc gets Chilly back to his old self. And they'll learn that what matters most is what's on the inside—not how you look on the outside.
As Big as a Whale
As Big as a Whale January 7, 2014 Doc McStuffins gets a little beluga whale toy named Lulu who can grow in water. The problem is, Lulu wants to be big now! Growing boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book retelling an episode from the popular Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins. And they'll also love finding out Doc's secret to getting bigger—patience!
Bubble-rific! July 22, 2014 Bubble Monkey doesn’t know the proper way to wipe or blow her nose, so bubble solution is getting on all the other toys. Luckily, Doc McStuffins is there to teach a lesson in hygiene! Sniffly boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book retelling an episode from the popular Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins.
Doc Is the Best Medicine!
Doc Is the Best Medicine! July 22, 2014 Doc McStuffins is an expert at making her toys feel all better. And boys and girls ages 3 to 7 who love the Disney Junior show will laugh, smile, and feel terrific as they read this full-color Big Golden Book! There are two full-length stories, plus facts about all the characters in Doc McStuffins’ world, fun bathtime activities, super-helpful feel-good tips, and more!
Shake Your Tail Feathers
Shake Your Tail Feathers January 6, 2015 When Doc discovers that her stuffed owl had been squished under the toy box, she encourages Professor Hootsburgh to shake her tail feathers! A little exercise is just what all toys—and kids—need to get back in shape. This Little Golden Book based on an episode of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins is perfect for boys and girls ages 2 to 5.
Karate Kangaroos January 5, 2016 This Little Golden Book, based on an episode of Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins, is perfect for boys and girls ages 2 to 5. Who can figure out why a toy from the Karate Kangaroo game keeps falling over? Doc McStuffins can!

Disney Press[]

Cover Title Release Date Description
Run-Down Racecar
Run-Down Racecar January 8, 2013 When Donny's toy racecar, Ricardo, loses a race for the first time, it's time for Doc to look under the hood. Doc soon realizes that Ricardo is run down from so much racing and diagnoses him with No-Vroom-Vroom-atosis. Ricardo simply needs his batteries recharged! In the end, the gang learns a valuable lesson about the importance of giving our bodies enough rest.
Bubble Trouble
Bubble Trouble January 8, 2013 Doc loves popping bubbles with her friends Emmie and Alma, but when their toy Bubble Monkey runs out of bubble soap, there are no bubbles to pop. Alma fills her up again, but something's terribly wrong. Bubble Monkey still can't blow bubbles. It's time for Bubble Monkey's check up! This story comes with stickers for even more bubble blowing fun!
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! Book
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! June 18, 2013 Donny doesn't want to play with his favorite toy fire engine, Lenny, anymore. So it's up to Doc to figure out what's wrong. Turns out, Lenny ran out of water for his fire engine hose, and once Doc refills him, he's as good as new! The gang learns a lesson about dehydration and the importance of drinking plenty of water, especially on hot days.
The Mermaid Dives In
The Mermaid Dives In July 2, 2013 When Doc brings her swimming toy, Melinda the Mermaid, into the pool, she sinks right to the bottom. But when Doc gives her a check-up, she can't find anything wrong! This adorable book comes with stickers for even more fun with Doc!
Doctoring the Doc Read-Along Storybook And CD
Read-Along Storybook and CD Doctoring the Doc September 3, 2013 When Doc comes down with a case of "achoo-achoo-sneezy-wheezy disease," the toys become the doctors for a change! Thanks to Mom, Doc and the toys learn the importance of getting plenty of sleep when you're sick. This fun, interactive read-along storybook with CD teaches kids that rest (and a cuddle or two) is the best medicine.
Chilly Catches a Cold
Chilly Catches a Cold October 8, 2013 One snowy morning, Doc and the toys venture outside for some winter fun. But when Chilly begins to feel like a real frozen snowman, Doc diagnoses him with a case of "Brrrrritis." The cure: Chilly needs to warm up! Kids learn the importance of wearing warm clothes when it's cold outside in this hilarious storybook.
My Huggy Valentine Book
My Huggy Valentine December 17, 2013 Valentine's Day is Lambie's favorite holiday! She has worked hard decorating the clinic and planning activities for the party, and she can't wait to share it with Doc. But when Doc gets Val, a stuffed heart toy, as a Valentine's Day gift, Lambie is afraid that she has been replaced in Doc's heart. This sweet storybook teaches kids about love and friendship, and comes with sparkly holiday stickers for even more Valentine's Day fun with Doc and the gang!
Leilani's Luau
Leilani's Luau March 18, 2014 When Doc receives Leilani, a solar-powered hula girl, from her grandmother who is traveling in Hawaii, Doc and the toys decide to welcome the hula dancer with a lu'au. Leilani begins to teach everyone to hula, but suddenly winds down and stops! This 8x8 storybook comes with a page of full-color stickers and teaches children the importance of getting energized by the sun.
A Very McStuffins Christmas Book
A Very McStuffins Christmas September 16, 2014 Christmas Eve is full of surprises at the McStuffins house! When the toys sneak downstairs to leave Doc's present under the tree, they find Tobias, one of Santa's elves, delivering toys. But Tobias accidentally drops Donny's robot toy and breaks it! Doc and the gang head out on a magical rescue mission to the North Pole to visit Santa's workshop and fix the toy before Christmas morning. Includes special sparkly stickers for even more holiday fun!
Training Army Al Book
Training Army Al December 2, 2014 Donny is heading out on his Badger Scout camping trip, and Doc knows only the bravest and strongest toy can accompany him. Army Al volunteers for the job so that all of his friends can stay home and be safe. With help from Doc and the toys, Army Al trains for every rough, tough, and sticky situation. This soldier is ready for duty, and his friends can't wait for him to come home safe and sound!
Dad's Favorite Toy Book
Dad's Favorite Toy April 14, 2015 While cleaning the attic, Dad, Doc, and Donny find Dad's favorite childhood toy, Saltwater Serge and Wellington Whale. They test it out, but the button breaks! It's up to Doc to fix this beloved childhood toy for her dad in this storybook that includes a foldable paper fortune teller toy for even more Doc McStuffins fun!
Awesome Guy to the Rescue! and Bella's Big Break
Awesome Guy to the Rescue! / Bella's Big Break July 7, 2015 It's a busy day at Doc's clinic! First, kids can read "Righty on Lefty" and help Doc figure out why Awesome Guy isn't feeling so awesome. Then, flip the book over and read how Doc helps Bella Ballerina when she falls and breaks her leg. This "double feature" also includes two sheets of colorful stickers for even more Doc McStuffins fun!
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Pet Vet September 1, 2015 Donny's new toy dog, Fetchin' Findo, stops doing what he does best: fetching! Can Doc the vet find out what's wrong with the little pup? This pet-tastic story is based on a special Pet Vet episode and includes lots of fun stickers!
A Good Case of the Hiccups: Book with DVD September 1, 2015 When Doc and Emmie are playing with Emmie's new karaoke microphone, Millie Mic, Emmie becomes upset when Millie starts skipping and repeating the same line. Can Doc help? Read and watch-along with Doc with this illustrated storybook that includes a DVD of the episode
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A Baby Doll for Doc March 1, 2016 Doc gets a new baby doll, and she needs help taking care of her! With pull tabs, flaps, and touch-and-feel elements, this adorable book allows kids to get in on the fun with Doc and her toy friends.
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A Day with Doc June 7, 2016 Spend the day with Doc McStuffins and all her toy friends! Let Doc's Toy-Sponder transport you to the Toy Hospital in the magical town of McStuffinsville. Join Chilly and Hallie in the hospital reception area, help Lambie cuddle newborn toys in the nursery, and take care of toy pets with Stuffy in the pet vet center! This read and play storybook is packed with tons of interactive fun including a story, foldout panels, pop-up scenes, stickers, and press-out characters!
Smitten with a Kitten July 12, 2016 After Doc finds an adorable toy kitten at her school's fundraiser, she brings her home to meet the toys. Lambie instantly falls in love with the cute little kitty and wants to adopt her. But anytime Lambie or the toys come close, the kitten runs away! Can Doc help? Join Doc in this Pet Vet-themed storybook with stickers!
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Made to be a Nurse: Read Along Storybook and CD February 21, 2017 In this adorable story, Doc and Lambie stay up all night to take care of some not-so-sleepy toys and learn the importance of never giving up until you succeed. This fun, interactive read-along storybook with CD features the actual character voices and sound effects from the episode!

World of Reading[]

Cover Title Release Date Description
Caught Blue-Handed Book
Caught Blue-Handed January 8, 2013 Doc's little brother Donny loves to finger paint. And his six-handed toy monster Glo-Bo makes finger painting even more fun! So when Chilly arrives in Doc's clinic covered with blue spots, Doc tracks down the reason for this case of "Mystery Pox": Glo-Bo didn't wash his hands after painting! Kids learn the importance of washing their hands often to avoid spreading germs...and blue others in this Level Pre-1 reader.
Loud Louie
Loud Louie January 8, 2013 Doc finds her old toy cell phone, Louie, in the toy box, and discovers that his volume control is stuck in the "loud" position, which makes games like "Hide and Seek" and "Telephone" a little tricky. Doc fixes the volume button, but Louie is so used to using his loud voice, he can't seem to make it quieter! So Doc and the other toys find a way to cure his Superlouditis. Kids (along with Louie) learn the difference between using "indoor" voices and "outdoor" voices in this Level Pre-1 reader.
All Stuffed Up
All Stuffed Up May 28, 2013 Donny's teddy bear keeps making him sneeze! Teddy B is sad and doesn't know why Donny won't play with him anymore, but Doc is on the case!
Brontosaurus Breath Book
Brontosaurus Breath August 13, 2013 After Donny "feeds" his toy dino, Bronty, a salami sandwich for lunch, all the other toys run and hide. Doc takes a look and diagnoses Bronty with Stinkysalamibreath-his breath is just too smelly to be around! Doc helps Bronty brush his teeth, and with his breath fresh and clean again, Bronty is ready to play with the others.
Starry, Starry Night Book
Starry, Starry Night May 6, 2014 One starry, starry night, Doc's friend, Henry, brings his brand-new toy telescope, Aurora, to Doc's house to watch a meteor shower. Right before the shower begins, Henry discovers that his telescope isn't working—all he can see is a cloudy blur! What is the Doc diagnosis?
Brave Dragon
Brave Dragon August 5, 2014 While playing with Doc and the other toys, Stuffy takes a spill in the park and gets covered in prickly burs. Doc fixes him up, but something is not right...Stuffy doesn't want to play! Can Doc help Stuffy become a brave dragon once again? Find out in this Level Pre-1 reader!
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Blame It On the Rain November 4, 2014 In this Level 1 reader, Alma's stuffed cow, Moo Moo, gets soaked when she is left outside in the rain. Alma is sad and Moo Moo is mooo-serable! Will Doc be able to help?
Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! Book
Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! August 4, 2015 One sweet-smelling peach! Alma's doll, Peaches Pie, always smells lovely until Alma's dog, Rudy, drags her through the mud! Suddenly, Peaches Pie doesn't smell so peachy anymore! Can Doc help? Find out in this sweet treat of a Level Pre-1 Reader!
Take Your Pet to the Vet October 6, 2015 Doc brings home her class pet, Coleslaw the hamster, for the weekend, and all of the toys are excited for her arrival. After a fun-filled day of running and playing, Chilly notices that Coleslaw isn't acting like her energetic self. Doc decides that this pet needs a vet—stat!

Various Books[]

Cover Title Release Date Description
Jingle Bell Doc
Jingle Bell Doc September 17, 2013 Dad's toy from when he was a boy, Jingle Bell Bear, has been waking Doc and Donny up on Christmas morning every year for as long as Doc can remember. But this year, Jingle Bell's ringer is broken! While Doc works on finding a cure, Lambie, Stuffy, and the rest of the toys realize how special Doc is to them. Now it’s their turn to make something extra special for Doc, and Jingle Bell can’t wait to help!
Doctor Bag
Doctor Bag September 17, 2013 The Doc is in and she's ready to make her diagnosis...with your help, of course! Each page of this interactive book features a toy that needs a checkup plus several punch-out doctor's tools. It's up to you and Doc to decide which tool is the right one to make your diagnosis. Tons of pretend fun can be found in the pages of this delightful, interactive book!
Guess Who Doc!
Guess Who, Doc! Feburary 4, 2014 This book features Doc McStuffins and her stuffed animal friends with five peek-a-boo flaps!

Doc McStuffins is always on call to help out any toy that is feeling under the weather. In this book, kids meet all of Doc’s closest friends: Chilly the snowman, Lambie the lamb, Hallie the hippo, and Stuffy the dragon. As they read, kids will love guessing which stuffed friend is hiding under each of the five flaps in this adorable book.

Time for Your Checkup!
Time for Your Checkup! May 6, 2014 The Doc is In, and she's all set to diagnose and treat all her patients—with your help! Young readers will delight in taking a peek beneath over 40 flaps to help Doc make all her toys feel better!
Out of the Box Book
Out of the Box May 20, 2014 Little Jack, Doc's jack-in-the-box, is having trouble popping out of his box. His father, Big Jack, asks Doc to take a look, but Little Jack is too scared to let Doc examine him! Through this great novelty format, children can play along with Doc, Little Jack, and the rest of the toys using die-cut tabs and lift-the-flaps for a unique, multi-dimensional experience.
Doc's Mobile Clinic
Doc's Mobile Clinic June 3, 2014 The Doc-Mobile is Doc's clinic on wheels! With her adorable new mobile clinic, Doc will be able to help toys wherever she goes! This novelty board book is shaped like Doc's mobile clinic--perfect for taking Doc on the go!
Boo to You!
Boo to You! July 22, 2014 This delightful Halloween board book with a touch-and-feel element on every spread will become a holiday favorite, when preschoolers follow the misadventures of Sebastian, Doc's motion-sensor ghost that pops out of a pumpkin. Doc soon realizes that Sebastian is stuck in his pumpkin, and he is scared of Halloween! Will Doc be able to fix Sebastian and convince the timid little ghost to join in the Halloween festivities?
Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boos
Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boos September 2, 2014 Doc always keeps track of her patients' boo-boos and ouchies in her Big Book of Boo-Boos—and now you can, too! This adorable book looks just like Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boos, and is jam-packed full of Doc McStuffins fun including an original story, drawing pages for kids to draw their own toys, 4 pages of stickers, a fold-out poster featuring Doc and the gang, and a punch-out sign that kids can place on their own toy clinic door!
Doctor's Helper
Doctor's Helper September 9, 2014 The Doc is in, and this time she has a special helper! After Doc finds Ellie, a stuffed elephant toy, alone on the playground, she is determined to find her owner. But when Ellie begins wheezing, Doc needs to diagnosis her—stat! In this beautifully illustrated hardcover jacketed picture book, children will learn that even doctors need helpers—no matter how small—to help patients get better.
Bunny in a Basket
Bunny in a Basket January 6, 2015 Happy Easter, Doc! Join Doc and the gang, as they celebrate Easter with an exciting egg hunt, egg decorating, and other Spring-tastic activities with their friend, Pickles the bunny, in this egg-shaped board book complete with foil eggs and over 25 flaps!
A Dragon's Best Friend
A Dragon's Best Friend August 4, 2015 During a game of hide-and-seek, Stuffy finds an adorable rollie toy named Squibbles. Squibbles follows Stuffy everywhere—around the park, in the clinic, and, worst of all, in all of Stuffy's awesome hiding places! Everyone thinks Squibbles is adorable, but Stuffy thinks the little fuzzball is a huge pest! It's up to Doc and Stuffy to find Squibble's owner, but after spending time with the fun little toy, will Stuffy be able to give him up? Join Doc and her toys in their adventures in this special hardcover storybook with colorful illustrations.
9781484714201 2db9c
Cuddle Me, Lambie December 15, 2015 Doc McStuffins and Lambie are the best of friends. They do everything together—they dance together, dress-up together, and, most importantly, they cuddle together! Join these two adorable BFFs in their heartwarming and baa-utiful adventures in this signature keepsake storybook with colorful illustrations.
9781484746776 09963
Welcome to the Toy Hospital October 4, 2016 This 24-page board book, inspired by the bestselling Richard Scarry word books, features colorful illustrations and over 100 word labels to introduce readers to McStuffinsville and the McStuffins Toy Hospital! Visit the welcoming reception area and the busy stuffing and sewing room, the adorable baby toy nursery and the hospital gift shop! With so many things to see and do, the Toy Hospital fun is never done!