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Egghead or "Eggie" as he is called is an egg-shaped tablet with an electronic game of trivia and facts as he belonged to Donny as when he challenges Professor Hootsburg to a fact-off, a trivia challenge as Eggie starts malfunctioning due to the heat. He often uses egg-related jokes and puns, either to make humor or when he's in despair.


  • "I will soon be a shell of my former self."


  • His voice actor, Peter MacNicol, has also voiced characters such as Raju in The Wild Thornberrys, Sidney Poindexter in Danny Phantom, Dr. Langstrom in The Batman, Doctor Octopus in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Tseebo in Star Wars Rebels, Professor Ivo in Young Justice, one of the Forever Knights in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Chronos in Justice League Unlimited, and Nigel the Advisor in Tangled: The Series.