Full name



Alma (younger sister)
Unnamed mother


Rudi (dog)


Doc McStuffins, Donny McStuffins


Her friends, playing with Doc, soccer, her sister


Rudi causing trouble


Kylee Anderson
Daniella Jones
Zoe Pessin

Emmie is Doc's best human friend who lives right next door.



Emmie likes playing soccer with Doc and playing with her toys with her little sister, Alma. She is mostly giggly and playful, but she can get a little worried if her toys aren't working right. Emmie cares deeply for her little sister Alma and treats her kindly.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Emmie is a slender girl with long brown hair, fair skin, freckles and blue eyes. She also wears two yellow hairclips, a blue T-shirt, jean trousers with a green belt and light blue Mary Janes. Emmie has orange pajamas with a picture of a cat on it. She has a two piece blue swimsuit, with the top half having lighter blue and green spots.

In "Hallie Halloween" she wore a Mime costume. Emmie wears a blue outfit and tutu when she goes to her ballet lessons. She also wears blue ballet slippers.


  • "Ooh! A jack-in-the-box."
  • "We finally got a puppy."
  • "I don't think he really understands what "no" means yet."
  • "Sorry, Doc. I have to take Rudi home. I'll help you look for Hermie later, 'k?
  • "Millie plays and sings, and we get to sing along!"
  • "Put your hands... [Giggles] Er, paws and claws together for the fabulous Doc McStuffins!"
  • "Mom! We're going out to see if there are puddles to stomp!"
  • "The ball felt a little squishy when I kicked it."
  • "Soccer superstar Doc McStuffins is ready to tie the game with her kick. She takes the shot... and she scores! Yeah! Whoo! Way to go, Doc!"
  • "I think Bubble Monkey's out of Bubbles. Better fill her up."



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