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Emmie is Doc's best friend who lives right next door. And



Emmie likes playing soccer and do other things with her best friend Doc and her other friends (Ian and Unknown Girl as revealed in,"Hallie Halloween") and playing with her toys with her little sister, Alma or her friends. She is mostly giggly, curious, and playful, but she can get a little worried if her toys aren't working right or if she does something that hurts someone else. Emmie cares deeply for Alma and her friends and treats them with kindness and care. She also loves her pet puppy Rudi which her and her family bought him on,"That's Just Claw-ful". She would do anything to help her friend Doc feel better revealed like in, ¨The Big Sleepover¨ just like Dottie would for her as a good friend in return. She enjoys playing and talking to her friend Doc and doing Things like Dress-Up, Staying up late, playing fun games, Soccer, Playing volleyball, Having water fights, Hanging Out, Tea Parties, Showing Doc her new toys, and trick or treating with her friends also playing with her toys with her friends or sister. It is unknown how Emmie met Doc and how they became friends. And she doesn't know Dottie's secret yet.

Physical Appearance

Emmie is a slender girl with long brown hair, fair skin, freckles and blue eyes. She also wears two yellow hair clips, a blue t-shirt, jean trousers with a green belt and light blue Mary Janes. In “” she wore a sunhat with a blue bow on it in ". She also wore red rain boots with white polka dots on them in "Blame it on the Rain" when she was stomping in poddles. When playing sleepover games in "The Big Sleepover" Emmie wore a princess hat and when going to bed she wears orange pajamas with a picture of a cat on it. In "Hazel Has a Sleepover" when she plays in the water, with water, or near water with herself or someone she wears a two piece blue swimsuit, with the top half having lighter blue spots and yellow hearts and the bottom being a skirt. Her star-tastic sister costume in "A Good Case of the Hiccups" and "Take a Stroll!" has green star glitter glasses and an orange and yellow suit with a belt on it. In "Hallie Halloween" she wore a Mime costume in a cosmetic form with red jeans, a black and white striped T shirt, mime makeup for the face, black & white shoes, and a black beret. In "Moo-Moo's Tutu Boo-Boo" Emmie wears a blue outfit and tutu when she goes to her ballet lessons. She also wears blue ballet slippers.


  • " So do you like this one (tiara)? Or this one (baby bib)?"
  • " Ooh! A jack-in-the-box."
  • ¨ (Both scream) It popped(laughed) and I was like, ¨Ahh!¨ and you were like, ¨Ahh¨!
  • " Make him pop up make him pop up."
  • " Okay thanks bye."
  • ¨ Hey Doc, I’m done with dinner and my mom said I can play.¨
  • " Ahh! You fixed it!”
  • " Do it again! Do it again!"
  • " You snorted to loudly."
  • " (Laughing) Your making me yawn hey."
  • " Way! We finally got a puppy."
  • ¨ Mom! l’m taking the puppy over to Doc´s.¨
  • " Not really but he chase stuff. Watch.. (Runs) Come on Rudi. Come on, come on here Rudi."
  • “ Good boy.”
  • " I don't think he really understands what "no" means yet."
  • " Rudi. NO!"
  • " Be right there mom. Rudi come on boy."
  • " I wonder what Rudi's digging for?"
  • " Here Rudi here boy."
  • " And neither are you."
  • " Sorry, Doc. I have to take Rudi home. I'll help you look for Hermie later, 'k?
  • “ Come on Rudi.”
  • " Doc did you find Hermie?"
  • " There you are! Sorry about Rudi, Doc."
  • " Millie plays and sings, and we get to sing along!"
  • " The crowd is going crazy."
  • " (Both Doc and Emmie singing) No Matter where we go. We always gotta rock the show bounce high shake it low. Everybody knows we know that we can bring it as long as we're singing!!!"
  • " There's something werid about the music.”
  • “ Try again from the top.”
  • " Put your hands... [Giggles] Er, paws and claws together for the fabulous Doc McStuffins!"
  • " Millie I sing with my Millie mic everyday and this has never happened before. She must be broken."
  • “ Okay. How?”
  • (Both Doc and Emmie) "Being a doctor to stuffed animals and toys."
  • " Oh yeah. I forgot."
  • " Doc. Doc you in there?"
  • " Your mom's ready to see the Super Startastic Sisters' big number. Are we ready? Did I hear Millie?"
  • " You fixed her (she hugged Doc)!"
  • ¨ I have no idea? (Ahh) I found you. (all laughing along with Alma)¨
  • " The sun'sout."
  • " Mom! We're going out to see if there are puddles to stop!"
  • " Oh there's one."
  • " I guess someone left Moo-Moo out in the rain."
  • " The ball felt a little squishy when I kicked it."
  • " Soccer superstar Doc McStuffins is ready to tie the game with her kick. She takes the shot... and she scores! Yeah! Whoo! Way to go, Doc!"
  • ” Oh? Hello you scored a goal. Aren't you happy."
  • " Yeah but Doc. We can't stop now. The next kick is for the world championship."
  • ¨ Ah I can´t believe it. How can we win the championship with a flat ball?¨
  • ¨ Oh yeah that´s you Doc. Dahh, your the toy fixer is. You think you can fix it right?¨
  • ¨ Great! I´m gonna get a banana to fill up while you fix it.¨
  • " Right! Mom, can I have a banana?"
  • " Doc you ready for some more world championship soccer?"
  • “ Three, Two, One bubbles.”
  • " I got six!¨
  • ¨ I think Bubble Monkey's out of Bubbles. Better fill her up."
  • “ Okay. (Rudi takes one of the bubble sticks) Rudi. (Both Doc and Emmie) Here Rudi. Rudi come back.”
  • “ You know what that means.”
  • ” You said you filled it up?”
  • " I know that look."
  • " That one that look you get when toys don't work. I don't know how you do it. But you always get broken toys to work again."
  • ” So you’ll fix it.”
  • " Doc did you fix Bubble Monkey?"
  • " But Alma, this one is the bubble soap. The pink one is paste."
  • " Your only supposed to fill it with bubble soap.¨
  • " It sure does."
  • " Just like Bubble Monkey needs bubble soap instead of paste."
  • ¨ Doc! Rudi's puppy gymnasium finally got here!"
  • " Yes, way! It's got a tunnel, and a seesaw, and.... Oh just come over."
  • “ Yeah.”
  • ¨ Wait til you see this.¨
  • ¨ Alma let´s show Doc the best part.¨
  • ¨ Nope there´s more!¨
  • " Okay my turn my turn!"
  • " Alma! Give me a turn. Just for a sec
  • " I'm sorry, Alma. I just wanted a turn."
  • “ You Do?”
  • " Thanks, Doc!"
  • " You put a batch on it."
  • " Yeah."
  • " Oh I really really do."
  • “ Wow, watching the Fairy flyer is awesome, but flying the fairy flyer is even better, thanks Alma!”
  • " Here Doc, your turn."
  • " You're so good at fixing toys it’s like magic."
  • " Doc! I thought you'd never get here. I was like 'Oh my gosh will she ever get here' but here you are."
  • " This is gonna be the sleepover ever."
  • " I thought we'd start with some games, then eat dinner, and at bed time we can...(Laughs), I'm excited can you tell?"
  • " That's okay I'm a flying princess."
  • " Zoooom! (Laughing and jumping on the bed with Doc)."
  • " Sleepovers are so much fun I could just scream. (Screams and Laughs)"
  • " Okay Mom (laughing)."
  • " Ahhh! You can't be sad at a sleepover. (To Doc when she was sad) [Wonders][Gasps]. I know what will cheer you up Glow-in-the Dark Stickers! My mom got em for us wait til you see."
  • " Hey Doc! (The toys go stuffed) Check these out, Doc. (She puts em on her wall while Doc close her book and watches her do it and smiles)(then she turns off the light) See look at all the stars. There's the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper, and Gemini, and also...."
  • " It was amazing!"
  • " I love rainy day karaoke!"
  • " Lalalalalalala."
  • " Follow that Dog!"
  • " Ewww. He wouldn't let go!"
  • " Hey Doc, how's Peaches Pie?"
  • “ Doc. Oh Doc.”
  • " And now for the grand finale."
  • " Oh me, oh my. I've been stuck in this tower for a gizzilion years will a brave knight please rescue me?"
  • " Oh thank you, thank you brave knight."
  • " Okay Mom be right there! Sorry Doc I gotta go. Oh no! (struggles) This thing is all tangled up in Princess Percephone's hair and I have to go to Ballet!"
  • " Okay thanks Doc!"
  • " Doc! Oh Doc! (After Doc) Hey Doc, did you get the flag out of Princess Percephone´s hair?.¨
  • ¨ Oh thanks, Doc! Hey want to finish playing with Princess Percephone and Sir Kirby.¨
  • ¨ I never thought about that before but I think that is an awesome idea. Here comes the brave rescuer Princess Persephone to save the brave knight Sir Kirby."
  • " It's awesome being the rescuer."
  • “ Being a grown-up is hard work. Especially if their are so many tea parties to attend.”
  • “ Alma darling come on we must go.”
  • " Huh okay. I just hope I can get to gyamnasics soon."
  • " Okay, Mom. Doc I can't go mini golfing tonight."
  • " But I at least I got this."
  • " I named her Tundra."
  • " I knew you would."
  • " I wish, but I gotta go rest now."
  • " But, you should borrow Tundra so she can play with Hallie!"
  • " Oh Doc."
  • “ Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! I can’t wait for our sleepover tonight.”
  • " Fun (Squealing with Doc)!"
  • " We know Mom, but it's never too early to pack."
  • " I guess so. Oh wait! Alma wanted me to bring Pickles! Pickles love sleepovers."
  • " And I want to bring Hazel to. For our water fight."
  • " Come on I'll show you." (She and Doc go to the bathroom to show what Hazel can do)
  • " Time for a drink Hazel. (Emmie splashes Doc shirt and they both laugh) Now watch this. (She splashes Doc and they both laugh) I know I just have to bring her."
  • " Well I guess the only thing I need to pack is my sleeping bag."
  • ” Wait, Oh my gosh I don’t know where it is. Shuts the door. Mom where’s my sleeping bag!?”
  • ¨ Doc I found my sleeping bag.¨
  • " I'm all packed I'll come over right after my piano lesson."
  • ” That’s a great idea Doc thanks.”
  • " Doc! Can you open the door? My hands are too full."
  • " (Laughing her and Doc) Want another drink, Hazel?"
  • " I didn't I almost forgot."
  • ” Good thinking Doc.”
  • ¨(Yawns) Morning Doc. That was such a fun sleepover. And it looks like Hazel and Pickles had a good time too.¨
  • " Ah! Hold on Melinda to the rescue! Melinda is so good at swimming she could even save a fish."
  • ” I almost forgot. Gotta go Doc.”
  • " Did I leave Melinda here? (Doc shows her Melinda) Thanks maybe tomorrow we can play with Melinda some more we can do a show."
  • ” Oh I’m sorry, Alma.”
  • " Brava! Brava!"
  • " We'll learn more moves."
  • " Doc, I got a new toy. Her names Say It Sadie. Get this, she talks."
  • (Before Doc tells her secret) " Okay? It's because of a computer chip in her but still."
  • " Sadie is so cool even turning her on is awesome! Just wave and..."
  • ” And she can giggle and get dizzy.”
  • " And look she loves this. “Sadie swing”."
  • " Wanna hear her talk?"
  • " Sadie say Hi."
  • “ That’s weird. The box she came in says she can teach her words. And she’ll repeat whatever you say.”
  • " Yeah Sadie my little cute baby bird. Sadie say,"McGillucuty"."
  • " But she isn't talking."
  • " So she's not broken she just needed to be in learning mood?"
  • " Okay I promise.”
  • ” Dragons?”
  • " I'm just so happy she's talking."
  • " Our dog Rudi was playing with Pickles but got a little rough and now look she's got a hole."
  • ” Oh I hope Pickles will be okay. But.”
  • " Oh Thanks Doc you fixed her. Oh she's even more cuddler then before."


The Supestartatic sisters song

Emmie and Doc: No matter where we go, we always gotta rock the show bounce high shake it low. Everybody knows we know that we can bring it as long as we're singing.


  • Emmie plays soccer with Doc as revealed in "Busted Boomer".
  • Emmie has a small resemblance to Darby from My Friends Tigger & Pooh.
  • Just like Doc she would do anything to help her friends feel better.
  • Emmie lives next door to Doc.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Toys She Owns

  1. Boomer
  2. Bubble Monkey
  3. Dress-Up Declan
  4. Hazel
  5. Joni the Pony
  6. Melinda the Mermaid (Maybe)
  7. Millie
  8. Princess Persephone
  9. Sadie
  10. Tundra



  1. Doc- Dottie was Emmie's closet friends. ANd like her she would do anything to help her bff.
  2. Ian- Like the unknown girl it´s unknown what she did with him. But she was close friends with him.
  3. Unknown Girl- It is also unknown what she did with her. But it shows she was also close friends with her.