Eric Ryans is a 11 year old boy who likes to eat bacon. He hates Doc with a horrible passion and calls her "Dodo McStuffins" most of the time. He calls his group of unnamed friends "The Ubermafia". 


Eric is known for his very light blonde hair and habit of wearing basketball clothes. He is unusually tall and skinny for his age. His hair is messy, as he does not care about hiis physical appearance. His usual outfit is a purple basketball uniform (LA Lakers style) with a number 6 on it and black basketball shoes. He is also often seen with a helmet and skateboard or basketball, suggesting that he is athletic. He is a German boy.


Eric is generally nasty and hateful towards Doc, but he is a joker with a good attitude around his friends. He is active and always on the move (or yelling). He sometimes chases Doc in the credits. It can be assumed that his parents accept his negative attitude towards Doc, because they are both doctors with a grudge against the McStuffins that started in high school. 


His appearances are randomized and he seems to haunt televisions everywhere with an anti-Doc attitude and general two-faced prankster personality.

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