Doc McStuffins Wiki

Chilly: (when he sees the box jumping off the desk) Ah hoo hoo! A jumpy boxy thingy!

Doc: Oh, that's the lemurs.

Stuffy: (to the lemurs) Um, hello? My name's Stuffy, but I'd be open to a nickname, like Captain Cool or Baron Von Fire Breath or Monstra the Destroyer-- Aaah! (Gets knocked down) Yeah. Take some time to think about it. Don't rush into a nickname.

Wyatt: I-I got one for ya, Doc. Where does a snowman keep his money?

Chilly: Um, I'm not so good with finances.

Wyatt: In a snowbank.

Stuffy: Gah! Good one! Snowbank! (Stuffy starts laughing)

Stuffy: (to Yul) Guess what? I heard a rumor that there's a stray lemur arm in there! (points to box)

Hallie: Come on, sugar!

Chilly: Oh, that's great!

Stuffy: (After Yul goes in box) Wow. (Puts lid on box) I am that smooth.