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Filling Chilly
Season 3, Episode 4B
Filling Chilly.jpg
Air date August 6, 2015
Written by Shea Fontana
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"Filling Chilly" is the second segment of the sixty-seventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 6, 2015.


Chilly gets a rip and loses some of his stuffing, so Doc decides to give him a little bit of cotton balls to fill him back up.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Stuffy: Wow, that was some wicked good hopping, Wicked King.
The Wicked King: Of course it was. Nothing will stop me. (A leaf attacks him) Not even the attack of an enormous leaf.

Doc: Chilly, it's your turn to shout something as you jump on the ship.
Chilly: Uh, okay. Um... snowballs ahoy?
Stuffy and Wicked King: (looking at each other) Huh?

Stuffy: Oh, I have wings. I can get it. I believe I can fly. (Jumps off the slide flapping his arms and wings) Uh-oh. (Falls down) Haha didn't stick the landing.

Chilly: Stuffing! Oh, come back to me, stuffing. Please don't go! We can work this out. (Falls over) Why, oh why, oh why, did my stuffing go away?

Lambie: Chilly, is something wrong?
Chilly: I'm a snowman, and snowmen are made of snowballs, not cotton balls.
Lambie: But you're a toy, remember? You're not really made of snow.
Chilly: If Doc puts cotton balls inside of me, will I still be a snowman, or will I turn into a cotton man?
Lambie: Chilly, you know Doc loves you, and she'd never wanna change you.


  • Diagnosis: Stuffing Gone-osis
  • This is the second time Chilly sings the "I Feel Better" song on his own. The first time was in "Chilly Gets Chilly".
  • Lambie states that gold is her almost favourite colour, after pink, hot pink, rose magenta and fuchsia.
  • Chilly used to have "snow-ish fluff" stuffing inside of him before. Now he has "cotton ball white" stuffing instead.
  • Doc reveals that when her grandpa's knee hurts too much, his doctors gave him a new knee made out of metal.