Doc McStuffins Wiki

Doc: Okay, Chilly. Now, what are your symptoms?

Chilly: I think there's something wrong with my eyes. I look up into the sky and I know it's daytime, but I can't see the sun. All I see are fluffy gray things floating in the sky!

Lambie: Chilly, none of us can see the sun.

Chilly: Oh, no! My sun blindness is contagious! Oh, I'm sorry I spread it to all of you!

Hallie: Chilly, sugar, those fluffy gray things in the sky are clouds.

Chilly: Oh, clouds. Yeah, I remember those.

Stuffy: (Watching Dev play with his toys) Dev looks like he'd be a really fun kid to play with.

Lambie: Aw, it's always so baa-eautiful to see a boy and his favorite toy.

Stuffy: But if he loves Shinji so much, why would he leave him in the rain?

Stuffy: Being a firefighter toy must be so cool!

Dev: Shinji's an amazing firefighter.

Shinji: Well, maybe, but it's only because Dev has such a great imagination. He sends me on all kinds of amazing adventures.

Stuffy: (To Shinji before Doc sets his leg back in place) All you have to do is be brave.

Dev: You can be brave. You're the bravest toy firefighter there is.

Lambie: And I'll be here for cuddle support.

Dev: I wanna see McStuffinsville! All of it, everything!

Doc: (Giggles) Okay, Dev. I have to admit, this will be a little bit strange.

Hallie: We never had another kid in McStuffinsville before!

Stuffy: Stuart! That looked like a rough landing. Are you okay?

Stuart: Well, you know what they say... Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. (Wing pops loose) Then again, some landings are better than others.

Doc: Hallie, make sure the hospital staff is on alert. We've got a big storm coming, and that might mean we'll have a lot of broken toys coming in.

Hallie: You got it, Doc!

Shinji: Hey, what are you worried about? We've got each other now. I'm not gonna let anything happen to my best bud.

Dev: (Chuckles) You're right. You and me, Shinji. Everything will be alright.

Doc: Sounds like the storm is here.

Hallie: Woo-wee! From the sound of it, it's gonna be a grandaddy-doozy!

Dev: Grandaddy-doozy... What does that mean?

Lambie: Uh, you learn not to ask Hallie that sort of question.

Shinji: Come on, guys, we've got some rescuing to do.

Shinji: How you doin'?

Dev: The storm's getting pretty bad. I hope McStuffinsville doesn't blow away.

Doc: Don't worry. The storm might be bad, but as long as everyone helps out, we'll get through this together.

Rosie: Yo, yo, yo! Storm's a-blowing, so let's go, go, go!

Doc: Tell everyone to be at their best. We're all gonna need to work together to get through this storm!

Hallie: You got it, Doc!

Dev: I wish I could help.

Hermie: Bubbles. Look at all the bubbles! Can you believe all these bubbles?

Hermie: Gumballs! Look at all the gumballs! Can you believe all the gumbahhh...

Shinji: Firefighters like me are first responders. I'm made to help in situations like this.

Dev: I know, I just don't want anything to happen to you.

Shinji: I have to go. It's part of who I am. Being a first responder means I'm trained to be one of the first to help out in an emergency. It's part of what makes me me!

Dev: Get out there and save some toys.

Lambie: You're the lifeguard, Surfer Girl. What's your plan?

Surfer Girl: If we get everyone onto Toots the Tugboat, we should be able to get them to shore.

Shinji: Come on, everyone, we've got some rescuing to do.

Dev: Everyone's pulling together to help each other get through this storm.

Doc: That's what we do. We help each other.

Dev: I wanna help, too, but I don't know how. I'm not a hero like you.

Doc: Don't be too sure of that. There's something I've learned from being a doctor for so long. It's that everyone has a hero inside of them.

Dev: Really?

Chilly: Watch out.

Doc: Chilly gets scared of shadows and sunshine and bubbles... but now that he's one of my med students, I've seen him do some really brave things. There's a hero inside of you, Dev, and at the right time, that hero will come out, and he'll be amazing, too, I know it.

Southwest Sal: Boy howdy, that's quite a blister going on up there.

Lenny: I sure wish Doc was here. I bet she'd know what to do.

Lambie: But she's too busy at the hospital.

Chilly: If the storm gets any worse, what are we gonna do?

Rosie: We're gonna have to do the best we can without her.

Stuffy: Did you see that? That was awesome!

Officer Pete: Officer Stuffy, those toys in the bounce house are in danger.

Stuffy: Oh, right, yeah. We'd better go get Doc.

Stuffy: Doc, we wanna help, but we don't know what to do! We've learned a lot being med students, but we need you out there leading us!

Doc: I can't. There's just too many broken toys that need my attention here.

Lambie: But we have to do something!

Doc: Dev, things are getting pretty bad in McStuffinsville.

Dev: I know!

Doc: Everyone's doing their best. They're all pitching in to get through this storm, but for something like this, they need someone who can lead them, someone like you.

Dev: Me? No. No way. I'm scared of that storm. I'm not brave like you, Doc.

Doc: I don't always feel brave either, but there are times when our toys need us. Do you remember what I told you earlier about how you have a hero inside, and at the right time that hero will come out and be amazing?

Dev: Yeah.

Doc: I think now is that time.

Dev: Doc, I wanna help, I really do, but what can I do?

Doc: You always take Shinji and your other toys on amazing adventures. If you can use your imagination to come up with a plan that could help during the storm, you might help save McStuffinsville.

Dev: Maybe you're right, but if I wanna get that bounce house down out of the sky, I'll need...a helicopter.

Doc: Ronda can take you.

Dev: And I need something to cut through the strings, and someone to get to the bounce house. Doc, I got it! I think I know how to save that bounce house. Can you send me back to my room?

Doc: Sure, but why?

Dev: McStuffinsville is full of heroes, but today I think McStuffinsville will need a few heroes more.

Shinji: (to Dev) Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Lambie: Oh, you did it! You rescued them!

Shinji: Oh, he was great. I never would've thought of such a cool plan.

Hallie: Looks like McStuffinsville has another hero.

Doc: Dev, I need you to go out and lead another rescue.

Dev: Doc, I-I can't.

Jacks: What do you mean? You were great when we rescued the bounce house.

Dev: I wasn't being brave. I just wasn't thinking about how scared I was.

Doc: Being brave doesn't mean you never get scared.

Hallie: Being brave means you look your fear in the eye and you wiggle your nose.

Riggles: It's like my papa always says, "There's nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Shinji: You were a hero when you came to save me. Now you have to save McStuffinsville.

Dev: But I can't do it alone.

Jacks: Alone?!

Zoe: No way!

Iggy: Did you really think we'd let you go without us?

Nosh: We'll be here for you whenever you need us.

Shinji: Face it, buddy, we're a team.

Jacks: First Responders Team!

Dev: First Responders Team!

Dev: First Responders, we're heading straight towards McStuffinsville. You gotta try to keep everyone safe.

Riggles: You got it, Dev. Like my momma always said, we got a job to do! Let's go, toys! Move along! We gotta clear these streets for a runaway snow globe!

Hallie: Would you look at that? I think the storm's letting up.

Lambie: You're right. It's over.

Chilly: But McStuffinsville is a mess.

Lambie: Our beautiful town! It's not so beautiful anymore.

Stuffy: McStuffinsville is just a big, mixed-up jumble.

Doc: Hey, don't feel sad. That storm was bad, I know, but we've still got each other. We'll fix up our town and make it better!

Lenny: Us toys are gonna work until everything is back together!

Shinji: We'll help too.

Dev: If we all pitch in...

Doc: ...we can get McStuffinsville get to normal in no time.

Lambie: I can hardly baa-lieve it. McStuffinsville looks even better than before!

Dev: It's such an amazing place. I'm just glad we could keep it an amazing place. Today has been a wonderful surprise.

Doc: Since McStuffinsville has a brand-new First Responders Team, we thought you should have a brand-new First Responders Team headquarters!

Doc: The storm showed that we need a team of first responder toys in case of any more emergencies.

Hallie: That idea sounds like a grandaddy-doozy!

Iggy: What's a grandaddy-do...

Dev: You learn not to ask Hallie those questions.

Doc: We need a team that can handle toy emergencies, just like firefighters, police, and paramedics do for people.

Shinji: We'll be that team, right, guys?

Riggles: Like my daddy always says, I volunteer!

Jacks: Oh, yeah, I volunteer, too!

Nosh: I volunteer!

Iggy: Can I volunteer, too?

Zoe: Oh, I way totally volunteer.

Shinji: And I volunteer, but I only volunteer if Dev agrees to be leader of the first responder team.

Dev: Me?

Shinji: Well, yeah, you!

Jacks: Come on, Dev, you can do it. You'd be great.

Doc: You found the hero inside of you.

Shinji: And you'll be an amazing leader.

Hallie: Sounds like it's settled, sugar.

Dev: (Giggles) Well, when you put it that way, I guess I have to say... Yes!

Dev: As the First Responders Team, we'll always be ready to keep McStuffinsville safe. But... Doc?

Doc: What is it?

Dev: I really love McStuffinsville, I love everyone I met here today, and I love being the leader of the First Responders Team, but I also miss my home and my family.

Doc: I know what you mean. I miss my family if I stay away too long, too.

Dev: But now that I have this, we'll be back soon, I promise. Bye, Doc. Bye, Everybody