Doc McStuffins Wiki
Doc: This is awesome!
Emmie: Alma, let´s show Doc the best part.
Doc: You mean this isn´t the best part?
Emmie: No there’s more.
Alma pushes down and magic sparkles and they amazed.
Doc: It’s magical.
Emmie: Okay. My turn. My turn.
Alma: Wait a second, Emmie. I’m not done.
Emmie: Alma, Alma: Her wing’s all ripped! Emmie: (Sadly) I’m sorry, Alma I just wanted a turn.
Alma: It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it.
Doc: Ya know, I know someone who's pretty good at fixing toys.
Emmie and Alma: You do?
Alma: Oh yeah! Doc, will you fix my kite? Please, please, please?
Frida: You can see me? But I'm a fairy! Only very special people can see fairies. We have magic invisibility powers.
Doc: But, you're a toy fairy. Your magic isn't real.
Frida: It isn't? Oh, fluttering figs, you're right. My magic isn't real. I forget sometimes.
Stuffy: Chilly, incoming fairy!
Chilly: Can't. Move. Too. Scared. (Stuffy pushes Chilly out of the way)
Stuffy: We're okay.
Chilly: Speak for yourself.
Frida: Ooh! If magic can't fix me. Nothing can!
Doc: Frida, you're a toy, remember? You can't do magic.
Frida: Oh, right. I forgot... Again.
Frida: Doc, will I ever fly again? And look fabulous while I do?
Doc: I can put a patch on your wing. Then you'll be able to fly again.
Frida: A patch? What's that?
Hallie: Nothing to worry about, fairycakes. It's just a piece of fabric that we'd paste on your wing so it covers the rip.
Doc: Frida, sometimes when you hurt yourself and get fixed up, you can be left with a patch or a scar.
Lambie: One time I got ripped, but Doc sewed me up. Now I have a teeny little scar. But I'm still cute. See?
Stuffy: This one time I ripped my tail and all my stuffing fell out. Was I sad? Sure, in a tough dragon kind of way. But Doc fixed me up, and now every time I look at my scar, I remember how awesomely tough I am.
Doc: I have a scar, too. See?
Hallie: Scars tell a story about you, fairycakes. About the life you've lived and the amazing things you've done!
Hallie: You'll be the most fabulous toy fairy I've ever met with your patch. Plus, you will be a unique as a unicorn riding a unicycle!
Frida: Unique? You mean like no one else will be like me? Anywhere? Ever?
Doc: You'll be one of a kind.
Lambie: Even more one-of-kind then you are now!
Alma: Even more awesome then before. Here, want a turn Emmie?
Emmie: Oh I really really do.
(Alma passes it to her)
Emmie: Wow, watching the fairy flyer is fun, but flying the fairy is even better. Thanks, Alma.
Alma: You're welcome.
Emmie: Here Doc, your turn.